Privacy Policy

Our policy is geared towards being customer friendly. Our organisation is open about the information collection policy. We are quite clear about the fact that we collect personal information, how it is collect and used.

The manner in which we collect personal information does identify an individual until their visa application is completed and outcome has been determined.

By using this website, you agree to the Privacy Policy and its terms and conditions. We maintain highest standards in the industry to protect your information, this information is neither shared, nor sold not provided to any party.

Personal information that is collected by us

At the time of application lodgement we need to collect the following information:

  • Information that is contained on the biography page of your passport
  • Information related to your age, family details, spouse and parents
  • Your face photograph
  • Your passport scan copy
  • If coming on a medical visa, then information related to your medical procedure
  • If coming on a business visa, then information for the Indian organisation being visited
  • A referee in your home country
  • Arrival dates to Indian and purpose of visit

Personal data provided by you

You provide us this information so the can be processed successfully. The Immigration officers appointed by the Government of India require this information to complete background checks and make a decision on your Visa to India depending on the Indian Visa Type required by you. Note that the sole discretion of decision of the application rests with the relevant authorities and the Government of India. Neither us, nor any intermediary has the right or makes any promises to the outcome of your India Visa Application.

When applicants provide this information on this website on the Indian Visa Application Form this information is stored in security hardened encrypted database maintained up to highest standards and state of the art security protected datacentre. We make every effort to adhere to the latest best practices of the industry to protect the information provided by you.

We collect the following information by you which is personally identifiable information and treated by us in the strictest confidence. We also consider this information classification to be very sensitive. This type of information includes, your criminal background, your first name, middle name, family name, parents name, spouse details, marital status, face photography, passport scan copy, reference in your home country and reference in India. In addition, your travel details, dates of arrival and departure from India, gender, ethnicity, port of arrival in India and other incidental information as required by the Immigration Officers of the Government of India is also request after you have complete the Indian Visa Online on this website.

Compulsory Document Requirement

We may ask for the following documentation on behest of the Government of India for the sole purpose of assisting you in obtaining an Indian Visa. This documentation is must have requirement to enable successful approval of your Indian Visa Application. We may require and request the following documentation, but not limited to: your ordinary passport or travel document, any photo ID, your resident card, proof of date of birth like birth certificate, your visiting card, letter of invitation, proof of funds, police certificate for loss of your passport and any parental authority letters. This documentation is requested the with objective of making successful outcome for your travel to India.

Government of India requires this information to that your Indian eVisa can be decided with well informed decision making process and that you are not turned back at the time of boarding or at the time of entry into India.

Business Analytics

We reserve the right to use information that relate to our online analytics platform which can collect information that relates to the browser that is being used to that we can provide the best quality of service for most commonly used browsers, the location you have come from so that we can have tailor made content for our audience, the type of device being used to inform our technology strategy policy.

We also collect information such as your operating system with a view to improve our website and IP address to protect us against malicious activity and denial of service. We keep the customer at the centre of our analytics policy so the better and more improved user experience can be offered on Indian Visa Official site.

The ‘How’ of utilisation of this personal information collected

The personal information that has been referred to in this privacy policy for Indian Visa Application Form will be utilised in the following ways, but not limited to:

Processing of Indian Visa Application

The primary objective of collection of this information is to be able to process your Indian Visa Application. This information is shared with the relevant Official Indian Government authorities for them to be able to make a decision and arrive at an outcome for your Indian Visa Application.

The authorities of Indian Government can decide to either approve your application or deny your application and have the sole discretion and final say.

For applicant communication

Information collected is used by us to be able to communicate with the applicants the outcome of Indian Visa status. We also need to communicate with your during the India Visa Application Process any additional information required by the Government of India to be able to make a decision. Some of these reasons may be to check who is the main reference in India, or which hotel will you stay in India, who is accompanying you and main purpose of your trip.

We need to be able to successfully communicate with you regarding the outcome of your application, any status, respond to queried, answer any doubts and clarifications. Please note that we do not share your contact details with any other sister organisations or for any marketing purposes.

India Visa Application Process

We work diligently to improve the customer experience, therefore all the information collected that is of non-personally identifiable nature is collected with a view to improve the user experience and better delivery of the products to the customers. To improve the user experience, we need to know certain information and analyse it using various software and decision making system to improve the delivery of the software and online channel to our customers. Our online platform, our services and our delivery and commitment to customer hinges on collection of this information. We pride ourselves in providing the simplest and easiest Indian Visa Online portal for users across the world. This global platform has created a revolution in the delivery of Indian Visa to the world. We are world leader in bringing eVisa for India to the world as have tremendous responsibility of living up to the expectation of the users in 180 countries.

Compliance with the Law

We operate within the legal framework of various governmental bodies and need to comply with various rules, laws, statutes and regulation. We can be audited, can have legal proceeding, or investigation. Therefore, we may be under legal obligation to share this information to comply with court order or legal matters.

Other reason for use of this information

We can use this information to ensure that our Terms and Conditions are being adhered to and for enforcement of Cookie Policy. We need to protect ourselves from any fraudulent activity and can use this information.

Sharing of personal information

Your information is not shared with any third party, sister concern, intermediary or any marketing organisation. The only circumstances where this personal information is share is described below:

With Government of India or other governments

We must provide your information to the Immigration Officer of the Government of India, so that your Indian Visa Application can be decided. Without this information sharing, there will be no outcome of your Indian eVisa. Indian Government needs to process Indian Visas and it will come up with a decision with Approval / Granted or Rejection/Denial of your India Visa Application Form most often within 72 hours of filing of application, or 3 business days.

Legal obligation for information sharing

When you file an application for Indian Visa on you acknowledge that whenever legal regulation require us to disclose the personal information to the relevant authorities, we will be under the legal obligations. These laws and regulations may be in India or other countries outside the residence of the India Visa applicant.

We need to enforce our Terms and Conditions, therefore we may need to use this personal information to either protect our rights or response to public officials of various Government authorities, for compliance with court procedures, for adherence to legal processes, and to protect our intellectual property, for protection of our right, to pursue legal course of action and to limit or minimise the damages that we may have to incur.

Personal Information management and deletion

You have the right to be forgotten as per GDPR compliance and every right to request us to delete your information. Any information that we collect from you in an electronic formation is subject to deletion based on a request from you. You may note that we are not able to delete that information which is legally required by us under an ongoing legal obligation or we are forced to keep under law for any reasons without disclosure of those reasons.

Retention of data by this platform

Data encryption, cryptographic keys and best of the breed security practices including OWASP top 10, web application firewall are utilised by us to minimise the probability of theft, loss or misused of your information. We have strong secutiy controls in place to ensure that your personal information is un-altered, auditable, and traceable. We have security measures layered at every step of the process from application to data centre to ensure that no tampering and modification of your information is possible without an audit trail and that only trusted security personnel have access to this information.

We have software based controls and physical security controls in place to protect this information. Any information that is not relevant is deleted by us according to the retention policy of our software. You can ask us for our data retention policy.

Your information may be kept for up to 5 years as required by the records keeping act and archival policy. We need to adhere to various laws and operate under a legal framework.

Please not that when you apply for an India Visa online, it is your obligation to ensure that your PC or mobile phone is safe to use. If the malicious program is installed on your device then we will not be able to secure your information. We ensure the encrypted transport of your information. The data is encrypted at rest and in transit for your eVisa for India at all times and between each software component including from your PC to our website and between each software component in the backend.

Modification and changes to this Privacy Policy

Our legal policy, our Terms and Conditions, our reaction to Government legislation and other factors may force us to make changes to this Privacy Policy. It is a living and changing document and we can make changes to this Privacy Policy and may or may not notify you of the changes to this policy.

The changes made to this privacy policy are effective immediately upon publishing of this policity and they come into effect instantly.

It is the responsibility of the users that he or she is informed of this privacy policy. When you are completing Indian Visa Application Process, we asked you to accept our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy. You are being provided the opportunity to read, review and provide us feedback of our Privacy Policy prior to submission of your application and payment to us.

You can reach us

We can be contacted at the Contact Us. We welcome feedback, suggestions, recommendations and areas of improvements from our users. We look forward to making improvement to the already best platform in the world for applying for Indian Visa Online.

Immigration Advise not provided

Please note that providing immigration advice requires licence or clearance from relevant authorities. We act on behalf of your and lodge your application after expert checks, we do not provide you with Immigration Advise for any country including India for your Visa Application.