Indien eVisa for kenyanske borgere

Opdateret den Jul 22, 2024 | Indisk e-visum

Travelers planning a trip to India can apply for the Indian eVisa, so around 170 countries are permitted to apply for this electronic visa, including Kenya. With the introduction of this visa, foreigners can now easily enter India, this has in turn increased the number of travelers visiting India over the years.

Guidance for Kenyan Citizens to Keep a Track of the Types of Indian Visas Available

Kenyan nationals who wish to visit India can enter India with the different categories of visa available, each providing a specific travel purpose. The government of India offers visa categories like tourism, medical, and business.

While filling the form online, it is important for the applicant to identify which category he exactly belongs to. This will help the applicant to apply for the electronic visa and would increase chances of approval.

Kenyan citizens can apply for the Indisk Visa Online by visiting the website and applying on the basis of the requirement. For instance, Kenyan citizens who have to travel India to attend a business event should apply for the Indisk forretningsvisum Online.

Those Kenyan citizens who have to attend a medical treatment or surgery, should apply for the Indisk medicinsk visum online. Kenyan citizens interested in exploring the beauty of India or want to visit friends and family should apply for the Indisk turistvisum online.

Kenyan Citizens Applying for a Tourist Visa to India, what's its speciality?

The Indian eVisa is one of the most popular services available for Kenyan citizens to visit India for activities related to tourism, medical treatment or business meetings, etc. With the initiative taken by the government, Kenyan citizens can now visit India for tourism activity.

For example the Indian tourist visa for one-year has a validity period of year, Tilbud flere besøg, stay limited to 90 days (3 months). With this visa Kenyan citizens will have ample time to stay in India, and enjoy multiple visits. They can plan their itinerary according to the length of stay, or make plans to visit India again and again with their multiple-entry visa.


The government of India offers different visas, and according to the requirements of the travelers they can apply for the right visa. For example, if you are planning to visit India for attending yoga sessions through an institute or under the guidance of a yoga expert, then he should apply for the Indian Visa Online for tourist purposes. To know about attending yoga programs, read this Indiske turistvisumindehavere guide til at lære yoga og yoga-institutter.

Kenya Citizens Applying for India e-Business Visa, what's its speciality?

The Indian business visa was introduced by the authorities of India in 2017, for visiting India for various business activities in the nation.This business visa allows 180 days (6 months) stay limit with multiple entries. Denne visa is valid for one-year, Kenyan nationals with this visa can use the 180 days all at once or divide it into two parts.

But to apply for this visa, kenyan nationals need to have specific documents like a business card, or letterhead from the company they are visiting India, or letter in a letterhead from an institute or organization in India inviting the person for the event, etc. Once, the traveler reaches India, he needs to present these documents alongwith other important documents to the immigration officials at the checkpost.


Travelers planning to visit India to engage in setting up a commercial venture and aim to make profit through this setup should apply for the Indian Business Visa. To know more about this visa type, check Indien Business Visa.

Kenyan Citizens Obtaining the India e-Medical Visa, what's its speciality?

Kenyan citizens visiting the country for medical treatment like surgery, can apply for the medical visa. In order to apply for this visa, applicants need to provide a letter from the hospital with the name of the patient and the type of treatment, and start date and end date.

This e-medical visa grants stays limited to 60 days (2 months) og allows triple-entry with this stay period offered. The medical visa holder must know that the second and third entry must happen within 60 days of the first entry. The medical Indian visa is valid for 120 days (4 months) from the issuing date.

Kenyan Citizens Obtaining the India e-Medical Attendant Visa, what's its speciality?

The attendants accompanying the patient who has the medical visa, are liable to apply for the e-Medical Attendant Visa. With one medical visa, only two attendants are allowed to apply for the e-Medical Attendant Visa. Stays and validity same as eMedical Visa.

Kenyan Citizens Obtaining the India e-Conference Visa, what's its speciality?

Kenyans are allowed to apply for Indian e-Conference visa for being a part of international conferences in India, offering a validity of 30 days with single-entry.


Kenyan nationals must know that each visa-type has its own speciality and travelers are allowed to apply according to the specific need, hence they are required to provide the relevant documents as well, in order to meet the eVisa requirement. The Kenyan citizens must take a note to meet each of the specific needs to avoid any visa rejections or delays.


Travelers who are planning to visit India, whose intention is to get medical treatment for themselves need to apply for the India Medical Visa. There is also a supplementary visa for attendants traveling along with the medical Visa holder called Medical Attendant Visa for India. Both these Indian Visas are available online, learn more at Indien Medicinsk Visa.

Documents required to fill the eVisa by Kenyan Citizens

Kenyan citizens planning a trip to India, now can visit easily with the help of the Indian eVisa. To fill the form Kenyan citizens must have the specific documents:

  • Valid Kenyan passport (scanned copy of the first page i.e. the biography page)
  • passport photo (strictly follow the photo requirements while uploading)
  • Email adresse
  • Debet-/kreditkort til betaling af gebyrer

Applying for the Indian eVisa by Kenyan Citizens? What is the Step-by-Step Guide?

The entire application process to fill the eVisa form online will take around 15-20 minutes. While filling the form, the Kenyan applicant must provide his personal information, passport details, answer security questions, provide information related to his health and inform in case the applicant has committed a crime in the past.

  • Step 1: Complete entering details like full name, nationality, date of birth, birthplace, residence address, email address and phone number.
  • Step 2: Passport number, passport issuing country, passport issuing date and its expiry date.
  • Step 3: Other details like marital status, gender, occupation, education, religion
  • Step 4: Answers health related questions like if suffering from any disease, character related questions like if you have committed any crime in the past.
  • Step 5: Port of entry and from which port you will exit
  • Step 6: Travel itinerary, necessary funds, accommodations
  • Step 7: Review the form and pay the eVisa fee.
  • Step 8: Applicant needs to wait for approval, the time-taken to process is generally 3-4 working days.
Only those applications which strictly follow the rules, the form is completely filled, no errors found, all necessary documents provided, etc, will be accepted.

The government of India for the convenience of the foreign travelers has initiated the Indian Visa Online, allowing 170 countries to apply for the same without visiting the embassy to get stamps. This new type of visa has provided many advantages, if you have more doubts check the Indisk eVisa ofte stillede spørgsmål.

Discover the Beauty of Kenya: The country that allows the best safari experience

Kenya is a culturally and naturally rich nation. The country is famous for the largest wildlife migration in the world, that is the Maasai Mara Migration. This wild animal goes from a seasonal migration from Maasai Mara to Lake Victoria in Kenya and comprises both big and small animals in search of better vegetation. The region is named Maasai Mara, in order to pay respect to the local natives of the region, the Masai Mara Tribe.

The Maasai Mara region is famous for its wildlife around the world, its breathtaking natural beauty, rich wildlife, rich vegetation, varied species of flora and fauna, plain covered with grasses, and high and low hills.

Apart from being rich in wildlife and vegetation, Kenya is a vibrant country with unique culture and traditions. Visitors from foreign nations come to visit this country to know more about the local culture and people. The way to know about the rich culture and traditions of Kenya is to visit the museums and local villages.

Kenya is a welcoming nation, every year thousands of tourists visit to explore the rich wildlife and vegetation, and to know about the culture and tradition of the region.

Kenya is one of the most desirable destinations in the world, especially to get a view of the great migrations in the country that occur every year. Tourists should definitely visit Maasai Mara National Reserve and watch the great migration and learn about the great tribe of the region, as the name goes. A safari in Kenya is one of the must-do activities and a once in a lifetime experience.


As an adventure lover, hoping to explore the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks of India, then to know more in detail about the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, read this Indian Visa Tourist guide; Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks for the best wildlife experience.

Borgere i mange lande inklusive Forenede Stater, Canada, Fransk vin, New Zealand, Australien, Tyskland, Sverige, Danmark, Schweiz, Italien, Singapore, Storbritannien, are eligible for Indian Visa Online. Nationals of over 170 countries quality for Indisk Visa Online (eVisa Indien) pr Indisk Visa-støtteberettigelse and can apply the Indian Visa Online offered by the Indiens regering.