India eVisa para ciudadanos angoleños

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From November 2014, the government of India has introduced the eVisa to allow entry into the country easily. These eVisa are allowed to citizens of some countries only, Angola is one of them. The applicant can fill the application without the requirement to visit the visa office.

The immigration authorities allow travelers to enter India by applying for the Visa india en línea. For example, if you have the intention to travel India for business activities, then the traveler should apply for the Indian Business Visa.

If you are visiting as a medical visitor for medical reasons like treatment, surgery, consulting a doctor, etc, then the applicant should apply for the Indian Medical Visa. Those wishing to explore the sightseeing places, or visit family, relatives or friends, should apply for the Indian Tourist Visa Online.

Angolan Citizens planning a visit to India, what are the Types of India e-Visas Available?

As mentioned above, the immigration government of India offers different tipos de visas electrónicas that the citizens of Angola can apply for based on the purpose of his visit to India. There are different visa-types available for the Angolan citizens, which they can apply according to their convenience.

India eTourist visa

The applicants wishing to discover India, engage in yoga sessions, meditation, visiting family members and friends, etc can apply for Visa electrónica de turismo. The one-year tourist visa is valid for one-year and allows multiple entries, maximum stay 90 days (3 months) per visit to India.

Visa eMedical de India

Visa eMedical de India is applicable for travelers seeking medical treatment in India, but the applicant needs to provide a letter in a letterhead from the hospital, mentioning all the details regarding his treatment and the name of the patient.

Visa de asistente eMedical de India

Travelers accompanying a patient with the Medical Visa for India can apply for the visa de asistente médico, however with one medical attendant visa, only two eMedical Attendant Visas are available.

Visa de comercio electrónico de India

Travelers who need to travel India to attend a business meeting, or a guest in a business event, seminars, supervise a project, etc, related to business, can apply for Visa de negocios india.

Indian eConference Visa

The citizens are allowed to apply for Visa de conferencia para asistir a conferencias internacionales en India, ofreciendo una validez de 30 días con entrada única.

Angolan Citizens applying for India e-Visa, what are the must-have Document Requirements?

Angolan citizens must make sure that they have the documentos requeridos, before they start filling the form to avoid errors during form fill-up, check the list:

  • Valid Angola passport
  • Debit/credit car for paying visa processing fee
  • Dirección de correo electrónico activa
  • Passport photo (following the latest photo guidelines).
  • Additional documents based on the visa-type you have applied

Application Process for Angolan Citizens

The eVisa application form would take around 15-20 minutes to be completed, however make sure to have all the documents before you start filling up the form. Here are some of the basic questions which you need to fill in the form:

Step 1: Complete filling the personal details like full name, nationality, date of birth, residence address, email ID

Step 2: Passport number, passport issuing date and expiry date.

Step 3: Other questions include gender, qualification and profession.

Step 4: Answer questions related to health and in case of any crime committed in the past

Step 5: Once the form is filled, review it and make the fee payment.

Paso 6: espera la aprobación

After submitting the form you have to wait for approval, it might be accepted or rejected based on verification. The processing time required is 3-4 days, if it is approved it will be mailed to you.

Validez de las visas electrónicas de India para ciudadanos angoleños

The validity period of the eVisas varies depending on the type of visa that the Angolan citizen has applied for.

La Visa de turista electrónica india for one-year has a validity period of one-year with multiple visits, maximum days allowed to stay is 90 days (3 months) per visit.

La Visa médica electrónica india allows 60 days (2 months) stay with three-entries within the provided days. From the date of issuing it should be used within 120 days.

La Indian Business visa offers stays limited to 180 days (6 months), visa valid for one-year with multiple-entries. The business traveler can either use the 180 days (6 months) together or he can split it as it has multiple entries for one-year.

Angolan citizens traveling to India, want to know about some of the Airports and Entry Points?

Flights from Angola take around 14 to 17 hours to land in India. India has around authorised airports and seasports as authorized checkpoints. Angolan citizens are allowed to enter India through airports and seaports only, through the designated immigration border checkpoints.

Citizens of Angola can enter India through some of the important airports like Kolkata International Airport, Calicut International Airport, Goa International Airport, Chennai International Airport, Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai, Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru and Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Upon arrival in India, the Angolan citizens have to follow the immigration check rules. They are required to show their approved eVisa, Angola passport, and documents related to the visa-type. Also, you have to provide the Passenger Arrival Card at the check posts. And after collecting your baggage you need to pass through the customs, if you have any declaration items do declare it, otherwise a fine will be imposed.

Información de moneda para los visitantes angoleños a la India

The currency of India is Indian Rupee, and 0.098 Indian Rupee is equal to one Angolan Kwanza (the currency difference keeps on changing). Angolan Kwanza can be changed into Indian Rupee at the currency exchange counter, and ATMs available in the airport, however there are many local money exchange offices outside the airport as well.

Note: Indian currency is a closed currency and there is a limitation to take this currency out of India.


If you want to know in detail about the Rupia india y Moneda, check this article to have a better understanding.

Descubriendo la belleza y diversidad de Angola

Angola is situated in the south-west coast of Africa, offering a wide landscape of incredible beauty and rich cultural heritage. With its rugged coastline on one side with beaches along the Atlantic Ocean, whereas the interiors consist of the wildlife reserves, natural wonders like the Kalandula Falls and vibrant streets and markets like Luanda.

The landscape is dramatic, from high mountain ranges to small hills to the vast plain lands. The dense forests are a home to varied species of wildlife like the elephants, leopards, deers, etc. The soil here is fertile, supporting agriculture for the people.

The people here are welcoming and their hospitality can be felt. Angolan people due to colonization have a diverse range of culture and traditions, blending with Portuguese and African. Whether you are visiting the vibrant markets or appreciating the scenic beauty or relaxing at one of the beaches, Angola will surely be able to captivate your heart.

Además de los titulares de pasaportes de Angola, los ciudadanos de muchos países, incluidos Estados Unidos, Canadá, Francia, Nueva Zelanda, Australia, Alemania, Suecia, Dinamarca, Suiza, Italia, Singapur, Reino Unido son elegibles para la visa india en línea o la visa electrónica india.