Can India Visa be Renewed or Extended

Indian Government has taken the fillip provided by Tourism to the Indian economy seriously, and therefore created new classes of India Visa types, and has made it convenient to obtain an Online Indian Visa also known as Indian e-Visa. The Visa Policy of India has rapidly evolved over the year with eVisa India (electronic India Visa Online) culminating in the most simple, easy, secure online mechanism of procuring an India Visa for most foreign nationals. With a view to make is simpler for all foreigners to enter India, Indian Government introduced the Indian e-Visa which can be completed online from home. This Indian electronic travel authorization, earlier known as eTA was made initially only to the citizens of forty nationalities. With the better response and favourable feedback of this policy, more countries were included in the fold. At the time of writing this article around 165 countries are eligible to apply for eVisa .

This table briefly summarises the types of Indian Visa without going into the subcategory of each Visa and the duration of each visa.

Indian Visa Category Available Online Indian Visa as an eVisa India
Tourist Visa
Business Visa
Medical Visa
Medical Attendant Visa
Conference Visa
Film Maker Visa
Student Visa
Journalist Visa
Employment Visa
Research Visa
Missionary Visa
Intern Visa

Indian Visa Application online or eVisa India is available under these broad categories:

Indian Visa Extension

Can Online Indian Visa (or Indian e-Visa) be extended?

At this time, electronic Indian Online Visa (eVisa India) cannot be extended. The process is simple and straightforward to apply for a new Indian Visa Online (eVisa India). Once issued this Indian Visa is not extensible, cancellable, transferable or amendable.
The electronic Indian Online Visa (eVisa India) can be utilised by for the following purposes:

  • Your trip is for recreation.
  • Your trip is for sight-seeing.
  • You are coming to meet family members and relatives.
  • You are visiting India to meet friends.
  • You are attending a Yoga Program/e.
  • You are attending a course not exceeding 6 months in duration and a course that does not confer a degree or diploma certificate.
  • You are coming a volunteer work for up to 1 month in duration.
  • Purpose of your visit to set up an Industrial complex.
  • You are coming to initiate, mediate, complete or continue with a business venture.
  • Your visit is for selling an item or service or product in India.
  • Your required a product or service from Indian and intending to purchase or procure or buy something from India.
  • You want to engage in trading activity.
  • You need to hire staff or manpower from India.
  • You are attending exhibitions or trade fairs, trade shows, business summits or a business conference.
  • You are acting as an expert or specialist for a new or ongoing project in India.
  • You want to conduct tours in India.
  • You have a lecure/s to deliver in your visit.
  • You are coming for Medical Treatment or accompanying patient who is coming for a Medical treatment.

Electronic Indian Online Visa (eVisa India) allows you to enter India through 2 modes of transport, Air and Sea. You are not allowed to enter India through Road or Train on this type of Visa. Also, you can utilise any of the India Visa authorised ports of entry to enter into the country.

What other limitation should I be aware of other than that electronic Indian Visa (eVisa India) cannot be extended?

Once your electronic India Visa Online (eVisa India) is approved, you have the freedom to travel and explore all the states and union territories of India. There is no limitation on there you can travel. There are following limitations.

  1. If you are coming for a Business Visa then you must hold an eBusiness Visa and not Tourist Visa If you are in possession of an Indian Tourist Visa, then you must not engage in commercial, industrial, recruitment of manpower, and monetary beneficial activities. In other words, you must NOT mix the purposes, you should apply for a Tourist Visa and Business Visa separately if your intention is to come for both activities.
  2. If purpose of your visit is for Medical reasons then you cannot bring more than 2 Medical Attendants with you.
  3. You cannot enter protected areas on the electronic India Visa Online (eVisa India)
  4. You can enter India for a period of maximum stay of 180 days on this Indian Visa.

For how long can I stay in India with the India eVisa if I cannot renew the Indian Visa?

The duration for which you can stay in India depends on several factors including but not limited to:

  1. Duration of the Indian Tourist Visa selected for Tourism purposes, 30 Days, 1 Year or 5 Years.
    • 30 Days Indian Tourist Visa is a Double Entry Visa.
    • 1 Year and 5 Year Indian Tourist Visas are Multiple Entry Visas.
  2. India Business Visa is for a fixed duration of 1 Year. It is a Multiple Entry Visa
  3. Indian Medical Visa is valid for 60 days; it is a Multiple Entry Visa.
  4. Nationality, some nationalities are allowed 90 days maximum continuous stay. The following nationalities are allowed 180 Days of continuous stay in India on the electronic India Visa Online (eVisa India).
    • United States
    • United Kingdom
    • Canada and
    • Japan
  5. Previous visits in India.

The 30 Day electronic Indian Visa (eVisa India) is quite confusing for travellers to India. This Indian Visa has an Expiry Date mentioned on it, which is actually the expiry date for entry into India. When does the 30 Day Indian Visa expire provides guidance on this subject matter. The electronic Indian Visa (eVisa India) covered here are NOT extendible or renewable. eVisa India are valid for a fixed period of duration unlike the work, student or residence visas.

What if my passport is lost but my Indian Visa (eVisa India) is still valid?

If you have lost your passport then you need to apply for Indian Visa again. Also, when you apply for the electronic Indian Visa (eVisa India) you may be asked to provide a proof of police report for lost passport.

Are there other details that I need to be aware of before applying for an electronic India Visa online (eVisa India)?

Your passport should be valid for 6 months, from the date of entry to India. You should apply for a longer duration of India Visa, apply for a 1 Year Indian Visa if your trip is close to 3 weeks, else you can incur fine, penalty or charge at the time of exit in case something unplanned happened during your visit.

If you over stay in India, then you may be barred from entering India or other countries because you broke the law. Plan your dates for Indian Visa Application in advance and check the validity of your passport. 

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