India Visa Photo Requirements


You need to be aware that getting an Indian Visa online (eVisa India) requires a set of supporting documents. These documents are different depending on the type of Indian Visa you are applying.

If you are applying for an Online Indian Visa on this website, then all the documents that you need to provide are only required in soft copy, there is no requirement to send the documents physically to any office or physical location. Only PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF or any other file format is required to be uploaded by you on this website or Emailed if you are not able to upload. You can email the document using the Contact Us form.

You can take such photos of your documents using a mobile phone, tablet, PC, professional scanner or camera.

This guide will walk you through the India Visa Photo Requirements and India Visa photo specifications of your face for the Indian Visa online application that you are applying for. Whether it is India eTourist Visa, India eMedical Visa or India eBusiness Visa, all these Indian Visa online (eVisa India) require face photograph in common.

Meeting India Visa Photo Requirements

This guide will provide you with all instructions to meet photo specifications for your India Visa.

Photo on your Passport document is not the same as your Indian Visa Photo. Do NOT take the photograph from your passport.

Do you need a photo for Indian Visa application?

Yes, all types of Indian Visa application filed online require a face photograph. Irrespective of the purpose of visit, business, medical, tourist, conference, face photograph is a mandatory requirement for all Indian Visas filled online.

What type of photo is required for Indian Visa online (eVisa India)?

The photograph of your face needs to be clear, legible and not blurry. The immigration officer on the border needs to be able to identify a person. All the features on your face, hair and skin marks need to be visible to identify you from others clearly.

What is the Indian Visa photo size?

The Government of India requires that your face photograph for Indian Visa online needs to be at least 350 pixel by 350 pixel in height and width. This requirement is mandatory for your application. This translates to roughly 2 inches.

Photo specification

Note: Face covers 50-60% of the area in this photograph.

How do I print 2x2 Indian Visa Photo size?

You do not need to print your photograph for Indian Visa, you only need to take the photo from your mobile phone, PC, tablet or Camera and upload it online. If you are not able to upload it online, it can also be emailed to us. 2x2 refers to 2 inches in height and 2 inches in width. This is an obsolete measure now for the paper based India Visa applications. For online applications this requirement does not apply.

How do you upload your passport photo?

After you have answered the questions pertaining to your application and made payment, you will be sent a link to upload your photograph. You click on the “browse button” and upload the photograph of your face for your India Visa online (eVisa India) application.

What should be the size of photo / photograph for Indian Visa application?

If you are planning to upload the file on this website than the default size allowed for your face photograph for India Visa online application (eVisa India) is 1 Mb (Megabyte). If your photograph, however is larger than this size, then you can email the same to our help desk using the Contact Us form [INTERNAL LINK TO]

Do I need to visit a professional photographer for an Indian visa photo?

No, you do not need to visit a professional photographer for your India Visa online application (eVisa India), our help desk can appropriately amend the photo as per requirements of Immigration Officers. This is an additional benefit of applying for an India Visa online rather than in paper / conventional format.

How do I check the size of my photograph that it is less than 1 Mb (Megabyte) before upload it on this website for Indian Visa online (eVisa India)?

If you are using a PC then you can right-click the picture and click on Properties.

Photo properties

Then you can check the size on your PC from the General Tab.

Photo properties - size

What should my photo / photograph look like if I wear turban or head scarf for my India Visa online application (eVisa India)?

Please see the sample photographs below for guidance regarding the turban, burqua, head scarf or any other head covering for religious reasons.

Can I take photograph of my face wearing spectacles or glasses for Indian Visa application (eVisa India)?

Yes, you can wear glasses or spectacles but it is recommended that you take them off because the flash from the camera may conceal your eyes. This can result in either Immigration Officers from the Government of India office again requesting re-upload of your face photograph or may in few cases reject your application on their discretion. Therefore, we recommend that you should take the glasses off, as it improves your chances of application approval.

India Visa Photo Specifications – Visual Guide

Portrait Mode and Not Landscape – India Visa Photo Requirement

Portrait Mode

Uniform Light and No Shadows – India Visa Photo Requirement

Photo Uniform Light

Normal and NOT coloured Tones – India Visa Photo Requirement

Photo Normal Tones

Do NOT use photo editing software – India Visa Photo Requirement

Photo of Face

Photo should NOT be blurry – India Visa Photo Requirement

Clear Photo

Do NOT use photo editing software – India Visa Photo Requirement

No Editing of Photo

Have Plain background and NOT Complex background – India Visa Photo Requirement

Photo Plain Background

Plain clothing patterns – India Visa Photo Requirement

Photo Plain Clothes

Should have Only You and nobody else – India Visa Photo Requirement

Solo Photo

Frontal view of face – India Visa Photo Requirement

Photo Front face

Eyes open and Mouth closed – India Visa Photo Requirement

Photo Eyes Open

All features of face should be clearly visible, hair tucked back – India Visa Photo Requirement

Photo Clear Face

Face should be in the middle – India Visa Photo Requirement

Photo Face in the Middle

Hats are NOT allowed, nor are Sun shades – India Visa Photo Requirement

Photo No Hats

No Flash/Glare/Light on Glasses, Eyes should show clearly – India Visa Photo Requirement

Photo No Flash

Show hairline and chin if you cover head – India Visa Photo Requirement

Photo Show Chin

India Visa Photo Requirements – Complete Guide

  • Important: A photograph or scan of the photo of your current passport will not be accepted
  • The photograph that you provide for your India Visa Application should be clear.
  • The photograph tone quality should be continuous of your face photograph supporting your application
  • India Visa Application started online requires that you provide photo of your full face
  • The view of your face for the India Visa Application should be frontal face, not slanted side pose
  • You should keep your eyes open and not half shut for Indian Visa application online (eVisa India)
  • Your Photo should have clear head, your full head till the bottom of your chin should be visible in your photograph
  • Your head should be centred within the frame for your Indian Visa Application online
  • The location of the picture should have a single colour, preferably plain white or off-white.
  • If you take your face photograph with a complex background like road, kitchen, scenery, then it will be disqualified.
  • Avoid having shadows in your face or in the background of your Indian Visa application.
  • You are not supposed to wear, cap, hats or any scarf, head coverings except for religious reasons. Not that in this case features of your face, and forehead to the bottom of chin must be clearly visible.
  • When you take the picture, please keep the expression on the face as natural looking as possible, that is do not smile, frown or have expressions which distort natural look.
  • The picture does not have to be exact, but preferable more than 350 pixels in height and 350 pixels in width. (roughly 2 inches by 2 inches)
  • The face should cover about 60-70% of the photo area
  • India Visa photo requirements mandate that photo ensure both ears, neck, and shoulders are clearly visible
  • India Visa Photo Requirements also mandate that background should be light white or off white, without borders with contrast coloured clothes (not white clothes)
  • Photos with dark, busy, or patterned backgrounds will not be accepted for your Indian Visa
  • Head should be centered and in focus
  • Photo should be without spectacles.
  • If you wear head/face scarf, please ensure the boundary of hair on head and chin boundary is showing clearly
  • Applicant’s head, including both face and hair, should be shown from the crown of the head to the tip of the chin
  • Please upload a JPG, PNG or PDF file
  • If you have a file format other than above then please email us using the contact us form.

Ensure that you have checked the eligibility for your India eVisa.

United States citizens, United Kingdom citizens, Spanish citizens, French citizens, German citizens, Israeli citizens and Australian citizens can apply online for India eVisa.

Please apply for a India Visa 4-7 days in advance of your flight.