Famous Sweets from India You Must Try

Updated on Dec 20, 2023 | Indian e-Visa

Desserts of India

Known for being the origin of refined sugar, dating as far back as 8000 years ago, Indian cuisine opens a whole new chapter with the usage of sugar in the most creative and widespread way possible, probably more so  than any other country in the world!

With varying names and ingredients specific to each region, no mention of sweets from India would ever feel complete, often leaving numerous other delicious regional desserts unnoticed.

But among a flood of sweets from the country, there are some names which are most well renowned desserts, not just within India but all across many other parts of the world!

Gulab Jamun

A milk-solid-based sweet, this dessert is not only popular in India but in many other South Asian countries too. Gulab Jamun, where the term Gulab literally means rose, is named such with the essence of rose present in its sugar syrup water.

Often associated with the title of ‘King’ of all Indian sweets, this dessert with its smooth texture is tried with various other combinations for a savoury flavour.

Gulab Jamun can be found in every sweet shop in any corner of India, with each place adding its own speciality to this most favoured sweet in the country.


A sweet with many names across various countries all the way from India to Egypt, one thing that anybody would hardly know about this dessert is that Jalebi is also the national sweet of India.

A delicacy that can be found in any city, state or even a small village shop across India, it's simple yet wonderful taste has kept it on the top spot among the most famous sweets in the country. And with its unique taste and a twisted shape, it sure stands out from a number of other Indian dessert dishes.


With a simple yet elevated taste, Kheer is one of the oldest desserts in India, probably as old as the country’s history! A popular pudding in the Indian subcontinent, this sweet can be found with various versions across states of India, with the most popular version made with rice.

Saffron and cardamom are often added to Kheer to enhance its flavour and the dessert can be served both hot or chilled. Kheer contains some of the simplest ingredients which can be found in any Indian household, making it one of the easiest to make homemade desserts.

Mysore Pak

This sweet originated in the Indian city named Mysore and resembles more like a buttery cookie. Mysore Pak is a traditional South Indian sweet prepared using gram flour and clarified butter. The dessert is also one of the easiest to prepare at home. Some of the best tasting versions of this sweet can be found in cities across major states of South India.

Kaju Barfi

Dessert - Kaju Barfi or Katli

A delicious North Indian sweet made with cashew nuts and cardamom powder, Kaju barfi is often counted among the royal delicacies of India.

Various other versions of the sweet, adding pistachios, saffron and rose essence are often included to enhance the taste of this creamy dessert to another level.  Kaju barfi no doubt is one of the most sought after Indian sweets in the country specially during festivals.


With its origins rooted to the eastern side of India, Rasmalai is a dessert which can be found all across the country today. Known for its sophisticated taste, this dessert is as appealing to the eyes as to the taste buds, with hardly any dessert available to challenge its creaminess.

Made with Indian cottage cheese shaped into cheese balls soaked in scented rose milk, the dessert is no doubt one of the most favoured sweets from East India.


Originating in the Indian subcontinent, Kalakand is more of an Indian form of cheesecake made with sweetened milk, chopped nuts and saffron.

Believed to have been invented in the western side of the country in the state of Rajasthan, Kalakand, which is also called Milk Cake, became instantly popular in the region hence spreading to the rest of states of India.

Gajar ka Halwa

A carrot based dessert pudding, this simple sweet originated in the Indian subcontinent. With its appealing red texture and aromatic flavours, this dish is one of the most preferred sweet items in winters.

It's easy homemade version plus many variations, some of them including cheese, black carrot and beetroot can be found in just any sweet shop around the country, making it among the most popular winter desserts.


As enchanting as its name, where the term Mohan literally means charming, this simple sweet is among the famous traditional sweets of India. Made with simple ingredients including gram flour and sugar, the dessert has its origins in the north western state of Gujrat.

Mohanthal is mostly prepared during major festivals or traditional ceremonies to present an offering to the deities and very closely resembles Barfi, another famous and widely loved Indian sweet.


Indian Visa Application Online - Dessert - Rasgulla

Another delicacy belonging to East India, Rasgulla could be that one dessert so renowned that it can be easily found in many other countries around the world too. Spongy dumplings cooked in light sugar syrup, this sweet could be often seen as the most popular festival or wedding present.

Known for its spongy, juicy texture and often its extreme level of sweetness, this dish is the reason for making eastern side of India to be famously known as ‘the sweetest part of the country’.


Another popular dessert belonging to western states of India, Basundi is very similar to Rabri, which is another popular milk based sweet famous in North India. Made using milk, cardamom and sugar, even with its simple ingredients this dessert can take hours to prepare, where the process actually involves the milk to be reduced to its thickest consistency.

Usually served chilled with dry fruit toppings, this dessert can be best tasted across any famous street shop in India.

Shahi Tukda

Believed to be of Mughlai origin, this sweet is very popular in India with its origins in the state of Hyderabad. The dessert is prepared with fried bread pieces soaked in thickened milk, cardamom and saffron, and can be easily found being served in weddings and ceremonies.

More like an eastern version of bread pudding, Shahi Tukda  has many stories attached to its origin, with many claiming that the first Mughal emperor Babur brought it to India in the 16th century. Some of the best tasting versions of this dish can be found in the state of Hyderabad.

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