India eVisa Requirements from Cameroon

Updated on Jul 19, 2024 | Indian e-Visa

India is a popular destination for many travelers around the world, including from Cameroon, which is located in Central Africa. Travelers from Cameroon visit India for reasons related to medical, business, and leisure activity. To make the entry into India easy, the government of India has initiated the eVisa application, only eligible countries are allowed and one of them is Cameroon.

Cameroon citizens visiting India should apply for the Indian Visa based on the purpose of his visit. For example, travelers entering the country for Business activities should apply for the Indian Business Visa.

In case of medical treatment in India, the applicant needs to apply for the Indian Medical Visa. For exploring the sightseeing places in India or meeting family members or yoga retreat or meditation should apply for the Indian Tourist Visa Online.

Types of Indian e-Visas Available for Cameroon Visitors

Cameroonians planning to visit India, now can choose from the different types of eVisa available for them, based on their requirement. It is important to check the requirements before applying for the visa.

The government of India offers different eVisas as per the travel need of the travelers, the types of visa offered includes the Tourist visa, Business visa, and Medical visa.

The applicant must make sure to apply for the correct visa in order to prove the authenticity of his visit to India. Inaccurate visa application might lead to complications during border checks at on-arrival in India.

Indian e-Tourist Visa for Cameroon Travelers

Cameroonians wishing to visit the country for tourism purposes, should go for the Indian e-Tourist visa. This visa offers multiple-entries into the country, stays limited to 90 days (3 months), and the validity period is one-year. Within this one year period Cameroonian citizens can visit India multiple-times, as long as they limit their stay for 90 days per visit.

The e-Tourist visa holders can attend yoga sessions, meditations, visit the historical and natural places in India or enjoy a relaxing beachside vacation in India. It is important to note that Cameroonian citizens should use the tourist visa for tourism purposes only, and not in any other activities like business and medical treatment.

Indian e-Business Visa for Cameroonians

Cameroonian citizens intended to visit India for business activities should apply for the business visa. This visa is approved for one-year with two entries, the total stay offered in 180 days (6 months). The business traveler can use the 180 days in one-year or split it into two.

The travelers with business visas can use it for purposes related to attending business meetings, events, conferences, seminars, launch of a product, supervising a project, etc. Other than these activities, the business visa holder cannot engage in activities like pursuing business, or getting employed in the country.

Applicants should review the purpose of their visit carefully, have all the necessary documents and provide accurate information related to the Indian e-Business visa.

If you are curious about some of the questions related to the eVisa India, the applicant can check out the Indian eVisa Frequently Asked Questions. If still your query has not been solved, get in touch with the support team or help desk.

Indian e-Medical Visa for Cameroon Nationals

The eMedical visa for Cameroonians who need to visit India for medical treatment purposes. This authorized visa is available only for medical patients, it has a validity period of 60 days (2 months) and allows 3-entries within this duration.

Cameroonians applying for the e-Medical visa are requested to provide accurate information and legal documents for a smooth application process and avoid any complications.

Indian e-Medical Attendant Visa for Cameroon Nationals

This visa is available for Cameroon citizens who have to accompany the patient with an eMedical visa. With each eMedical visa, only two attendants are eligible to apply for the e-Medical attendant visa.

Indian e-Conference Visa for Cameroon Nationals:

This visa is available for Cameroon citizens who have to attend international conferences in India, offering a validity of 30 days with single-entry.

e-Visa Requirements for Cameroonians Traveling to India

Cameroonians wishing to apply for the e-Visa India must fulfill the criterias set by the government. Before you fill the form, check whether you have the documents to avoid errors.

Regardless of the type of eVisa (tourist, business, medical or medical attendant) you are applying, the applicants must have the essential documents to apply which includes:

  • Valid Cameroon passport
  • Scanned photo, passport size (the photo scanned should follow the requirements like the photo should be in a white background, face photo, no face expression, etc)
  • Email address for e-Visa updates and for mailing the e-Visa, if approved.
  • Debit/ credit card as proper means of fee payment
  • Additional supporting documents related to the visa type applied.

Note: It is important to know that fulfilling all the criterias does not mean that your eVisa is ready. The applicant also must provide accurate information and documents that you have provided in relation to the eVisa-type should be genuine, providing inaccurate or false information could lead to delays or even rejections.


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Additional Requirements for Indian e-Business Visa for Cameroon Travelers

Apart from the common documents required to apply for eVisa, Cameroon citizens applying for business visas should provide other supporting documents related to the business visa. The extra documents include:

  • Scanned copy of the travelers business card: The card should include the name of the applicant, address of the company in Cameroon, email address, and mobile number.
  • Scanned copy of Business letter: The applicant needs to submit a business letter.
  • Scanned copy of Invitation letter: The applicant needs to submit a business invitation from India in a letterhead.

Requirements for Cameroonian Medical Patients Applying for India's e-Medical Visa

Apart from the general eVisa documents, the citizens of Cameroon applying for e-Medical visa need to provide a signed letter from the hospital he is going to receive treatment. This letter should be on a letterhead and should contain the name of the hospital, the doctor, information regarding the treatment, the name and details of the patient, etc.

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As a citizen of Cameroon wanting to apply for the Indian eVisa? How to do so?

Cameroon citizens wanting to visit India should apply for the Indian Visa Online from the comforts of their home. Here is what the eVisa application form would require you to fill:

Step 1: Complete details like your full name, birth place, date of birth, mobile number, email address.

Step 2: Passport details like passport number, its issuing and expiry date.

Step 3: Other information like nationality, gender, nationality, occupation, qualification

Step 4: Questions regarding your health, and criminal record

Step 5: Review the filled information

Step 6: After reviewing the form, submit the application fees.

Step 7: Wait for eVisa status

Step 8: Receive the eVisa by mail

What is the processing time of the eVisa?

The generally processing time is around 2-4 business days, however sometimes it may be delayed due to inaccurate filing of information, false information, etc. So try to provide accurate and reliable information with genuine documents.

If everything goes well, the applicant will receive the eVisa by the email address he has provided. Take a printout copy of the eVisa or save it digitally for quick access, as you will need to present it at the border check, on-arrival in India.

A little about the country of Cameroon

Cameroon is a country located in Central Africa, it is one of the best countries to visit, owing to its beautiful landscape, diverse culture and rich heritage of the region. Cameroon is blessed with mountain ranges, dense rainforests and serene beaches, offering tourists both relaxation and adventurous experience.

The capital of Cameroon is Yaounde, the land is home to around 250 ethnic groups with diverse customs and traditions, hence allowing tourists to know more about the vibrant culture of the region.

Cameroon is a beautiful country that welcomes tourists to explore this vibrant and culturally rich land. It is one of the off-beat tourist destinations that is worth exploring.

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