How to obtain an India Visa online?

Indian visa policy is constantly evolving and moving in the direction of increasing self-application and online channel. Visa to India was available only from local Indian Mission or Indian Embassy. This has changed with the pervasiveness of internet, smart phones and modern communication channels. Visa to India for majority of purposes is now available online.

If you are planning to visit India, then the most convenient method is to apply online using India e-Visa Application Form.

India has several classes of Visa based on the reason the visitor is coming from, that is, their nationality and the purpose for which the visitor is intending to come. So, the 2 aspects decide whether you will qualify for India Visa Online. These 2 are:

  1. Nationality / Citizenship on the passport, and
  2. Intent or purpose of travel

The Citizenship criteria for Indian Visa Online

India has the following types of Visas based on the citizenship of the traveller:

  1. Visa Free countries like Maldives and Nepal.
  2. Visa On Arrival countries for limited time and on limited airports.
  3. eVisa India countries (citizen from Around 165 countries are eligible for Indian Online Visa).
  4. Paper or Traditional Visa required countries.
  5. Government clearance required countries like Pakistan.
India Visa Citizenship Criteria

The most convenient, reliable, secure and trusted method is to apply for an Indian Visa online or eVisa India which is available under these broad categories, India Tourist Visa, India Business Visa, India Medical visa and India Medical Attendant Visa.

You can read more about Visa Types for India.

The Intent criteria for India Visa Online

India Visa Intent Criteria

If you have passed the first test and qualify for an electronic Indian Visa online or eVisa India, then you can check whether your intent of travel qualifies you for an electronic Visa for India.

You can check whether you are eligible to apply for an India Visa online. If your intent if one of the below mentioned, the you can apply on this website for Visa to India.

  • Your trip is for recreation.
  • Your trip is for sight-seeing.
  • You are coming to meet family members and relatives.
  • You are visiting India to meet friends.
  • You are attending a Yoga Programme.
  • You are attending a course not exceeding 6 months in duration and a course that does not confer a degree or diploma certificate.
  • You are coming a volunteer work for up to 1 month in duration.

If you are intending to visit India for any of the above mentioned purposes, then you can apply for visa for India under the eVisa India Tourist category.

If your intent to visit India is commercial in nature like one of the following below, then you also qualify for an eVisa India under the Business category and apply on this website for Indian Visa online.

  • Purpose of your visit to set up an Industrial complex.
  • You are coming to initiate, mediate, complete or continue with a business venture.
  • Your visit is for selling an item or service or product in India.
  • Your required a product or service from Indian and intending to purchase or procure or buy something from India.
  • You want to engage in trading activity.
  • You need to hire staff or manpower from India.
  • You are attending exhibitions or trade fairs, trade shows, business summits or a business conference.
  • You are acting as an expert or specialist for a new or ongoing project in India.
  • You want to conduct tours in India.
  • You have a lecure/s to deliver in your visit.

If any of the foregoing intent applies to you, then you qualify for an eVisa India and eligible to apply for a Visa for India on this website.

Additionally, if you are intending to visit India for medical treatment for yourself then you can apply for an India Visa Online on this website. If you want to accompany a patient, act as nurse or support person, then you can apply for visa to India under Medical Attendant category on this website.

When are you NOT eligible for an India Visa online?

There are circumstances where you qualify under both criteria but may still not be granted an eVisa India or Indian Online visa if the below applies to you.

  • You are applying under a diplomatic passport instead of an ordinary passport.
  • You are intending to do journalistic activities or make films in India.
  • You are coming for preaching or missionary work.
  • You are coming for long term visit over 180 days.

If any of the preceding applies to you then you should apply for a regular paper / conventional visa for India by visiting a nearest Indian Embassy / Consulate or Indian High Commission.

What are the limitations of India Visa online?

If you are qualified for an eVisa Indian and have decided to apply for an Indian Visa Online, then you need to be aware of the limitations.

  • Indian Visa Online or eVisa India is only available for only 3 durations for Tourist purposes, 30 Day, 1 Year and 5 years.
  • India Visa online is only available for a single duration of 1 Year for Business purposes.
  • Indian Visa Online or eVisa India is available for 60 days for Medical purposes. It allows 3 entries to India.
  • India Visa Online allows entry on a limited set of entry ports by air, 31 Airports and 5 seaports (see full list here). If you are planning to visit Indian by road, then you should not apply for visa to India using this website.
  • eVisa India or Indian Visa online is not eligible for visiting military cantonment areas. You need to apply for Protected Area Permit and / or Restricted Area Permit.

Electronic Visa for India is the quickest way of getting an entry into India if you are planning a visit by cruise or air. If you belong to one of the 180 countries that are eVisa India eligible and stated intention matches as explain above, the you can apply for India Visa online on this website here.

Ensure that you have checked the eligibility for your India eVisa.

United States citizens, United Kingdom citizens, Spanish citizens, French citizens, German citizens, Israeli citizens and Australian citizens can apply online for India eVisa.

Please apply for a India Visa 4-7 days in advance of your flight.