Visa Requirements for United States of America Citizens and India Statistics

United States of America passport holders have Visa Not Required for 108 countries, Visa on Arrival for 19 countries, eVisa requirement for 16 countries. This includes India which requires US Citizens to hold an eVisa for India (Indian Visa Online). freedom of travel to 31 countries. India provide electronic Visa facility to US citizens. US citizens can stay in India for up to 180 days for Tourism, and 90 days for Business visit, and 60 days on India Medical Visa.

India’s Rank in Tourism and Tourist Volumes

India attracts tourists from all countries. Since 2001, when Indian rank in tourism was 51st in the world, global rank of India has come to 25th in the World. Tourists arrivals in India has grown from 2.5 million in 2001 to 19 million in 2019. India earnings from tourist has grown from 3.8 Billion USD to 28 Billion USD in the same period. These earnings were from India Tourist Visa, India Business Visa, India Medical Visa visitors.

Airport through which India Visa holders arrive

Travelers to India can come from a several India eVisa Airports and Seaports , however the following are the most busy.

New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport accounts for 29% of the volume, Mumbai airport caters to 15.5% of India Visa Visitor volume. The top 10 airport from where Indian Visa visitors come from are Delhi, Mumbai, Haridaspur, Chennai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Dabolim, Cochin and Gede Rail.

Visa Requirements American Passport

How Many United States citizens arrive in India per annum

1,456,678 American (USA) Tourist arrived in India in the Year 2019. 274,583 American (USA) Tourists availed Indian eVisa (India Online Visa) in the year 2019 making them the highest users of electronic Visa for India (India Visa Online) ahead of after United Kingdom citizens.

Indian Rules for United States Citizens

  • eVisa of 30, 90 or 180 days continuous entry eVisa India (Indian Visa Online) is available in 3 duration for Tourism: 30 Day, 1 Year and 5 Years.
  • Entry is allowed on 31 Airports and 6 Seaports.
  • Confirmation must be to be shown at the border from where entry into India is made.
  • USA citizens in India are fingerprinted.
  • USA citizens of Pakistani descent are not eligible for a 10-year, multiple-entry tourist visa, and must apply for a regular visa or paper visa at the nearest Indian Embassy