Indian eVisa for Romanian Citizens

Updated on Jun 26, 2024 | Indian e-Visa

The Indian government for making entry to India has made the visa application hassle-free with the introduction of the Indian eVisa. This visa is available to 170 countries, including Romania. With the introduction of this facility Romanian citizens now can enter India by applying online.

Visa Instructions for Romanian Nationals Traveling to India

Romanian citizens planning a visit to India should obtain the eVisa, the travelers are requested to apply for the Indian eVisa to ensure a hassle-free entry into the country. The Romanian citizens have to no longer go through the traditional process of obtaining the visa by visiting the Indian embassy.

Romanian citizens in order to apply for the Indian Visa do not have to visit the Indian Consulate, by simply accessing the application form online they can request for the eVisa online. So, applying online for the eVisa, Romanian travelers can visit India for various purposes like tourism, business and medical.

Foreign citizens planning a trip to India should apply for the Indian eVisa. Based on the purpose of the visit, there are a few categories of visa, each category has its own requirement of documents, here learn more about the Indian Visa Requirements.

What Indian Visa should Romanians Apply for?

Romanians are eligible to apply for three different types of visa online, entirely depending on the purpose of their travel like for visiting friends and family, tourism, business meetings and medical treatment. This eVisa application process is the easiest way to obtain travel authorisation for India.

Indian eVisa for Tourism: It is entirely for tourism purpose, offers one-year validity with multiple-entries, up to 90 days (3 months) stay limit.

Indian eVisa for Business: It is for business related activities like attending events, conferences, seminars, business tie-ups, etc. It offers validity of one-year, with two-entries, up to 180 days (6 months) stay limit.

Indian eVisa for Medical: This is for Romanian citizens who have to travel India for getting medical treatment. The time limit is one-year with three entries, up to 60 days (2 months) stay limit.

Romanian citizens who have to stay in India for a longer period of time or traveling for other reasons like work or study, different from the ones mentioned above, should apply for the right type of visa which requires paperworks and you might need to visit the embassy as well.

So, apart from tourism, business or medical related reasons, if you have to visit some other reason and want a longer stay, you will have to consult the officials to know which type of visa to apply.

The government of India has brought some of the changes to the Visa policies, since September 2019. The visa options available to the foreign travelers are many, because of which it might be confusing for the travelers, so check out What Types of Indian Visa are available.

Guidance for Romanian Citizens regarding Documents to Apply for the Indian eVisa

Romanian citizens wishing a trip to India should obtain the Indian eVisa, but in order to apply for the eVisa, the applicant must meet specific requirements, before finally applying online. To apply for the Indian eVisa, the process is easy, but make sure to have the compulsory documents like:

  • Valid Romanian passport
  • Scanned passport copy (first page of the passport that is the biography page)
  • Scanned passport size photo (it should meet the photo requirements listed like white background, neutral expression, only the face, etc)
  • Email address for eVisa related updates and mailing of the approved eVisa.
  • Credit/ debit card for eVisa application payment

The Romanian citizens should keep in mind to collect all the required documents before they start to fill the form online.


Foreign travelers should know that to apply for the Indian eVisa, they should first gather all the important documents. The documents will vary depending on the type of eVisa you have applied for, here check the Documents required for Indian Online Visa.

Romanian Citizens applying for the Indian eVisa, what is the time-take to process the application?

The eVisa was designed to make the application process easy and fast. The general time taken to receive the eVisa is 3-4 working days. However, due to issues like public holidays, too many application forms, incomplete details, lack of genuine documents, or inaccurate information, there might be delays or rejections.

To avoid unnecessary delays, the best you can do is to apply 8 days in advance. The government of India allows foreign travelers to apply for eVisa at least 120 days in advance.

The approval of the eVisa entirely depends on the immigration department based on the verification process and qualifying their criterias.


Sometimes, foreign travelers might need to travel to India due to an emergency crisis in the family, and as an immediate family member needs to travel to India on an emergency basis. The reasons might be due to sudden death in the family, legal issues to attend court, serious illness, etc. Here check about the Emergency India Visa Application, so that in case of emergencies you will be able to apply.

Romanian Citizens Applying for the Indian eVisa, what are the procedures to follow?

Romanian citizens who are ready with the necessary documents can finish filling the eVisa online. The online form is easy to fill, you need to follow these step-by-step rules:

  • Visit the website, fill the eVisa online application form, make sure to enter only accurate and genuine details.
  • In the application form, the Romanian traveler will need to fill in details like full name, residence address, date of birth, mobile number, nationality, passport number, passport issuing country, passport issuing date and expiry date. Also, answer other important questions. Applicants must fill in all the details, as incomplete form is not accepted.
  • The applicant has to upload scanned documents that include passport biography page and recent passport size face photo.
  • Review the filled details and pay the eVisa fees by using secured payment options like debit/credit card.
  • Once the application is submitted, wait for the decision from the visa department. The applicant will be communicated by email.

It is advisable to complete filling the entire form, and provide genuine documents, failing to do so, might result in the visa being delayed or even rejected. The applicants are suggested to apply at least 8 days in advance, so that they have sufficient time to wait for approval.

The Indian eVisa was introduced from November 2014 to make entry into India easy. With this service many travelers have benefited from it. The application form is not only easy to fill with some basic questions like personal details, passport number, uploading of scanned documents, etc, but the time taken to be processed is also short. To apply for the Indian eVisa we have mentioned in detail at this link Indian Visa Application Process, as to how to go forward with the application process.

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