Indian Visa for Saudi Arabians

Updated on May 27, 2023 | Indian e-Visa

India has recently launched an online visa program that simplifies the process of obtaining an Indian visa for Saudi Arabian nationals, making it easier for them to get travel authorization for India entirely online without having to go to an Indian embassy or consulate to apply for a visa.

With this new program, Saudi Arabian passport holders can complete a straightforward application and receive travel authorization entirely online without having to go to an Indian embassy or consulate to apply for a visa.

Government of India allows visit to India by applying for Indian Visa online on this website for several purposes. For example if your intention for travelling to India relates to a commercial or business purpose, then you are eligible to apply for Indian Business Visa Online (Indian Visa Online or eVisa India for Business). If you are planning to go to India as a medical visitor for medical reason, consulting doctor or for surgery or for your health, Government of India has made Indian Medical Visa Online available for your needs (Indian Visa Online or eVisa India for Medical purposes). Indian Tourist Visa Online (Indian Visa Online or eVisa India for Tourist) can be utilised for meeting friends, meeting relatives in India, attending courses like Yoga, or for sight-seeing and tourism.

Visa Requirements for Saudi Arabian Citizens Traveling to India

Saudi Arabian citizens planning to travel to India must obtain a visa before their departure. Depending on the purpose and duration of their stay, they can apply for a visa online or at an Indian embassy or consulate.

The online eVisa for India is available to Saudi Arabian citizens traveling for tourism, visiting friends and family, for short-term medical treatment, or for business purposes. It can be issued as a single or multiple entry visa and is valid for up to 1 year from the approval date. The e-tourist Visa allows a maximum stay of 90 days, the e-business Visa permits a stay of up to 180 days, and the e-medical Visa allows the traveller to reside for up to 60 days with triple entry.

However, those intending to stay in India for longer periods or for purposes not covered under the eVisa scheme are required to apply for an Indian visa through the nearest embassy or consulate in Saudi Arabia.

The requirements for Indian Visa fall into few different categories. Learn more at Indian Visa Requirements

Meeting the Indian Visa Requirements for Saudi Arabian Citizens

To apply for the eVisa for India from Saudi Arabia, it is crucial to meet the necessary Indian visa requirements. The following are the requirements for Saudi Arabian citizens:

  • valid Saudi Arabian passport with a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of application.
  • A digital copy of the passport information page.
  • An email address to receive the eVisa.
  • valid credit or debit card to pay the Indian eVisa fee.
  • recent color photograph of the traveller taken against a white background, in passport style.

Furthermore, applicants for an Indian business eVisa from Saudi Arabia need to provide a letter of request from a business establishment in Saudi Arabia verified by the Chamber of Commerce. Similarly, applicants for an Indian medical eVisa must also provide medical reports or hospital references, an admission letter from the Indian hospital, a copy of the Saudi Arabia residence permit (if applicable), and a letter of sponsorship (in case of non-Saudis). If applicable, they should also provide the names and addresses of relatives to be visited in India.

After the approval of their eVisa application, applicants are advised to print a copy of the eVisa to present along with their passport upon arrival in India. Holders of an approved Indian visa from Saudi Arabia must enter the country through one of the designated airports or seaports listed below:

Entry Airports





























Entry Seaports






Saudi Arabian citizens with an approved Indian eVisa can depart from India through any authorized immigration checkpoint.

You can come to India by 4 modes of travel: by air, by train, by bus or by cruiseship. Only 2 modes of entry for India Visa Online (eVisa India) are valid, by air and by cruise ship. Learn more at Indian e-Visa Entry Points and Rules

Applying for an Indian eVisa as a Saudi Arabian Citizen

Saudi Arabian citizens are eligible for an Indian eVisa can easily apply online in just a few minutes. To complete the form, applicants must select the purpose of their visit and provide personal information such as:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Nationality
  • Current address
  • Passport number
  • Marital status
  • Educational qualifications
  • Profession
  • Religion
  • Visible identifying marks
  • Travel itinerary for India
  • Intended port of entry and exit in India

To submit an Indian visa application from Saudi Arabia, applicants must also answer some security questions regarding their criminal history. Processing times for applications usually take 24 hours, but in some cases, it may take up to 72 hours.

Applicants must double-check all the information on the India eVisa application to ensure accuracy before submitting the form. If any small mistakes in the data are provided, the application could be refused or delayed due to receiving the approved Indian eVisa for Saudi Arabian citizens.

India Visa Application Form was a paper based form until 2014. Since then, majority of travellers and avail the benefits of online application process. Common questions regarding the Indian Visa Application, as to who needs to complete it, the information required in the application, duration it takes to complete, any preconditions, eligibility requirements, and payment method guidance is already provided in detail at this link. Learn more at Indian Visa Application Process

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