Indian Electronic Visa Help Desk

Updated on Jul 05, 2024 | Indian e-Visa

The whole process of obtaining an electronic visa is convenient and straightforward. But applicants may need assistance in some stages of the procedures. The Indian e-Visa help desk can help you with your e-Visa application procedure.

There are 5 types of Indian e-Visas, such as Indian Tourism e-Visa, Indian Business e-Visa, Indian Medical e-Visa, Indian Medical Attendant e-Visa and Indian E-Conference Visa. The applicant can choose one according to the purpose of their travel.

Can I seek Help from the Help Desk for Application Guidance?

Yes. Dear applicants feel free to reach out to Indian e-Visa Help Desk. They will guide you through the application procedures.

Can I Contact the Help Desk for Status Updates?

Applicants may worry about the status of their applications because all procedures are conducted online. Although the processing period is roughly two to three business days, in certain unusual circumstances for example, if something requires a thorough review, it may take longer. In this situation, candidates can inquire about application updates by contacting the Help Desk.

What if I face any Technical Issues?

Indian e-Visa application procedures are straightforward. There are no tough technicalities involved. However, in some rare cases, applicants may face some errors. If you encounter something like that, feel free to contact the Indian e-Visa Help Desk.

I Have Some General Inquiries, What Should I do?

Other than application procedures, applicants may have many general inquiries like Indian e-Visa extensions, renewal, entry & exit immigration points, etc. Help Desk can help you get rid of any confusion caused or can answer your general inquiries.

Additionally, we have extensive blogs on each topic. Go through them as well.

How Can I Contact the Indian Help Desk?

Applicants can write their queries, comments to the Help Desk or simply email them to [email protected]

Please understand the whole process thoroughly before starting the process. There are articles that explain all topics. Read and understand them well. If you have any confusion or query contact the Indian e-Visa Help Desk.