Indian Visa Requirements for Chilean Citizens

Updated on Jul 18, 2024 | Indian e-Visa

What is the difference between a Regular Visa and an Indian e-Visa?

To enter India, any foreign national must have a valid visa. A physical copy of the declaration from the embassy or consulate is known as an Indian visa/Regular Visa. The Government of India launched an electronic visa that facilitates international travelers to apply online.

Who is eligible for an Indian e-Visa?

171 countries can apply for an Indian e-Visa as of 2024. Some eligibility criteria exist to apply for an Indian e-Visa for Chilean citizens. Please go to the official Indian e-Visa website for more eligibility details.

Why Choose an Indian e-Visa over a traditional Visa?

Countless benefits come with applying for an Indian e-Visa.

Some of them are listed below-


All Chilean applicants applying for an Indian e-Visa can apply from the comfort of their place, whether from their home, workplace, vacation spots, etc. Internet access is the only requirement.

Cost- Effective

Getting an Indian e-Visa allows you to make considerable financial savings. Electronic visas are more cost-effective than physical or traditional visas.

Fast Processing

Applying for an Indian e-Visa saves you so much time. An Indian e-Visa for Chilean citizens can be processed more quickly than a paper visa.

Travel Planning Flexibility

The validity of an Indian e-Visa for Chilean citizens is longer than a regular visa. It facilitates travelers to plan for more days than usual.

Stress- Free- Arrival

An Indian e-Visa holder doesn’t need to stand in long queues for Visa verifications, and no need to carry various documents along with them. Plan a stress-free travel with an Indian e-Visa.

Eco- Friendly

The paperless nature of the Indian e-Visa application process creates positive impacts on the environment.

Transparent Process

The Application Process consists of easy and clear steps. Additionally, the applicant can choose their comfort language while applying for an Indian e-Visa.

Choose your entry & exit points

There are countless authorized airports and seaports in India. So, the Chilean citizens can select entry & exit points of their choice

Tailored e-Visa Options

Citizens of Chile can choose the type of e-Visa based on the reason for their visit. There are 5 Indian e-Visa varieties-

Support Service

The Indian e-Visa Help Desk will be open to assist you. Additionally, you get to pick the language in which the help is provided.

5 Kinds of Indian e-Visas for Chilean Citizens

Tourist e-Visa

Chilean citizens traveling to India for various purposes like sightseeing, visiting family or friends, or participating in any recreational programs can apply for this type of Indian e-Visa.

There are 3 kinds of Indian tourist e-Visa-

  • 1-month tourist e-Visa
  • 1-year tourist e-Visa
  • 5-years tourist e-Visa

1-month tourist e-Visa has 30 days of validity. double entry and 30 days of continuous stay are allowed.

1-year tourist e-Visa has 365 days of validity. Multiple entry and 90 days continuous stay are allowed.

A 5-year tourist visa has 5 years of validity. Multiple entry and 90 days continuous stay are allowed.

Choose one tourist e-Visa according to your tour program.

Business e-Visa

Chilean citizens traveling to India for business purposes like attending business meetings or events etc. can apply for this e-Visa. The validity of a business e-visa is one year. Multiple entries and a continuous stay of 180 days are also permitted.

Medical e-Visa

If a Chilean citizen wishes to get treatment from an Indian hospital, you can apply for an Indian medical e-Visa. This is a short-term visa with a validity of 60 days, triple entry and continuous stay up to 60 days are allowed.

Medical Attendant e-Visa

Medical attendant e-Visas are for those Chilean citizens escorting a patient for medical treatment in India. Additionally, this has the same length of stay, validity & number of entries as the patient with a medical e-Visa.

E-Conference Visa

The E-Conference visa application process makes it simple for Chileans who plan to travel to India for conferences, webinars, business events, etc. 30 days of validity, single entry, and 30 days of continuous stay are permitted for this e-Visa type.

What documents are required for Chilean citizens to apply for an Indian eVisa?

To apply for an Indian e-Visa for Chilean citizens, You need some essential documents in digital format. First and foremost you need to have a current passport. Passport bio page with your personal and passport details, valid email address, passport-size photo, financial proof, and debit/credit card.

Any document format is allowed, however, photo size is limited to 10 MB. If you are facing any form of difficulties with uploading documents like the lack of prescribed size photo document etc. Reach out, the Indian e-Visa Customer Support is here for your assistance.

Additional Information about the documents-

Passport Bio Page

It should have personal and passport details like name, date of birth, nationality, date of issue, expiry date, etc.

Passport-size photo

  • Front view of the entire face with eyes open, extending from the nape of the chin to the crown of the hair
  • Light color or white should be the backdrop.
  • The background and face should be free of shadows.
  • No borders allowed in the passport-style photo

Email ID

A personal email address is recommended. Also, please note that it should be valid & working.

Return Ticket

A return ticket is also needed. Not mandatory but recommended.

Debit/ Credit card

No private card information needs to be shared. Use your credit or debit card exclusively to make transactions.

It is also advised to have financial documentation attesting to your ability to control your expenses while in India.

Vaccination Card

Additionally, if you are from a nation that has been designated as a yellow fever country, you must have a vaccination card. Furthermore, immunizing yourself with the help of a doctor if you are traveling to any place in the world is a must thing. Understand well about the vaccination and health requirements.

Additional Documents for Other e-Visa Types

Business e-Visa

  • A Business card
  • An Invitation letter
  • Documents with the details of the Indian organization you are visiting

Medical e-Visa

  • Medical Records
  • Details of the consulting Indian hospital
  • A treatment clearance letter from the hospital

Medical Attendant Visa

  • Escorting Permission letter
  • Patient’s medical records
  • Relationship proof with the patient

E-Conference Visa

  • An Invitation letter
  • Political clearance
  • Event Clearance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can a citizen of Chile stay longer than the duration of stay?

Not all Indian e-Visas are extendable. Only the holders of Indian medical e-Visas can extend their stay in emergencies.

Is it possible for a Chilean national holding a diplomatic passport to apply for an Indian eVisa?

No. Only the holders of an ordinary passport can apply for an Indian e-Visa.

Can a student from Chile apply for an e-Visa?

The Government of India launched only 5 types of Indian e-Visa-

  • Tourist e-Visa
  • Business e-Visa
  • Medical e-Visa
  • Medical attendant e-Visa &
  • E- Conference e-Visa

Furthermore, those mentioned e-Visas are all intended for short-term travel, business, medical, and recreational purposes. So long-term visas like student e-Visas are not a part of this.

Have a Happy Time in India!

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