Terms and Conditions

By accessing and using this website, you have read, understood, and agreed to the following terms and conditions, which are meant to protect everyone’s legal interests. The terms “the applicant” and “you” herein refer to the Indian e-Visa applicant seeking to fill their e-Visa for India application through this website and the terms “we”, “us”, “our”, and “this website” refer to visaindia-online.org. You must agree to all of the terms and conditions set herein in order to avail for yourself the use of our website and the services offered on it.

Personal data

The following information provided by the user while using this website is stored on the secured database of the website as personal data:

Names, date and place of birth, passport details, data of issue and expiration, type of supporting evidence or documents, phone and email address, postal and permanent address, cookies, technical computer details, payment record, etc.
None of this personal data is shared or exposed to third parties except:

  • When the user has explicitly agreed to us doing so.
  • When doing so is necessary for the management and maintenance of the website.
  • When law or a legally binding order necessitates providing the said information.
  • When it is notified without the personal information being susceptible to discrimination.
  • When the company needs to use the information in order to process the application.

In case of any of the information provided being incorrect, the company won’t be responsible.

For more information on our confidentiality regulations, see our Privacy Policy.

Website Use

This website is privately owned, with all of its data and content being copyrighted and the property of a private entity. We are not affiliated in any way with the Government of India. This website and all the services offered on it are meant for and limited to personal use only. By accessing and using this website, the user agrees not to modify, copy, reuse, or download any component of this website for commercial use. All data and content on this website is copyrighted.




Users of this website must use the website bound by the following regulations:

  • The user must not submit any insulting or offensive comments to this website, other members, or any third parties.
  • The publishing, sharing, or copying of anything by the user that might be offensive to the general public and morals is prohibited.
  • Any activity that might violate this website’s reserved rights or intellectual property must not be engaged in by the user.
  • The user must not engage in criminal or any other illegal activities.

Ignoring the above regulations or causing any sort of damage to a third party while using our services, will cause the user to be held responsible for the same and he/she would have to cover all due costs. We will take no responsibility for the user’s actions in such a case. If the user violates our Terms and Conditions in any way whatsoever, we have the right to take legal actions against the offender.

Cancellation or Disapproval of e-Visa India Application

While registering for the Indian e-Visa the applicant must not engage in the following activities:

  • Enter false personal information.
  • Conceal or omit any information required during registration for India e-Visa.
  • Ignore, omit, or change any required information fields during the application for the India e-Visa.

Engaging in any of the above stated activities may lead to the cancelation the user’s pending visa applications, disapproval of their registration, and removal of the user’s account and personal data from the website. In case the user’s Indian e-Visa has already been approved, we reserve the right to delete the applicant’s information from this website.

About Our Services

We are an online application service provider based in Asia and Oceania. We facilitate in the process of applying for the Indian e-Visa by foreign nationals who wish to visit India. We can help you in obtaining your Electronic Travel Authorization or e-Visa from the Government of India which we will then provide to you. Our agents can assist you in this by helping you fill out your application, properly reviewing your answers, translating any information that requires translation, checking everything for accuracy, completeness, spelling and grammar errors. In order to process your request for the Indian e-Visa we may contact you via phone or email if we need any additional information from you.

After completing the application form provided on our website, you may review the information you have provided and make any changes if necessary. After that you will be required to make the payment for our services. Once that is done an expert will review your request for the Visa and then your application will be submitted for approval to the Government of India. In most cases your application will be processed and if approved granted in less than 24 hours. In case there are any incorrect details or any details missing, however, the application may be delayed.

Temporary Suspension of Service

We reserve the right to suspend the website temporarily for the following reasons:

  • System maintenance.
  • Such reasons as natural disasters, protests, software updates, etc. which impede the functioning of the website and are out of our control.
  • Unforeseen electricity cut or fire.
  • Changes in the management system, technical difficulties, updates, or other such reasons making service suspension necessary.

If any of these situations arise the website will be suspended temporarily after providing an advance notice to users of the website who won’t be held responsible for any possible damages caused due to the suspension.

Exemption from Responsibility

Our services do not go beyond verifying and reviewing the details on the applicant’s application form for the Indian e-Visa and submitting the same. Therefore, the website or its agents are not under any circumstances responsible for the final result of the application, such as cancellation or denial, due to incorrect, misleading, or missing information. Approval or rejection of the application is entirely in the hands of the Government of India.


We reserve the right to make any changes, effective immediately, to the contents of the Terms and Conditions and the contents of this website at any given time. By using this website, you understand and fully agree to abide by the regulations and restrictions set by this website and that it is your responsibility to check for any alterations in the Terms and Conditions or the content.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The conditions and terms outlined herein fall under the jurisdiction of Indian law. In the event of any legal proceedings, all parties will be subject to the jurisdiction of the same.

Not Immigration Advice

We provide assistance with the submission of the application for India Visa. This does not include any advice related to immigration for any country.