The Electronic Business Visa to Visit India

Updated on Jul 12, 2024 | Indian e-Visa

Electronic visas have conquered the travel industry. Its convenient and easy procedures enable people to choose electronic visas over regular visas. The Indian Government made this a bit more convenient for people traveling to India for different purposes. They have launched 5 different Indian e-Visas.

This article is an extensive guide to know more about Indian Business e-Visa.

What is an Indian e-Visa?

Indian e-Visa is an electronic travel permit that enables international travelers to enter India. Travelers can apply and receive this electronic visa online. The government of India introduced Indian e-Visas in 2014.

There are 5 types of Indian e-Visas-

Let’s learn more about the Indian Business e-Visa

Indian Business e-Visa is a type of Indian e-Visa that facilitates international business professionals to enter India for business purposes. India is a hub of commercial organizations and business. This can be boosted by the influx of business professionals from around the globe. The procedure of the Indian e-Visa itself is easy and convenient. However, these categories like, Business e-Visas help business professionals to have a clutter-free process.

Validity, Entry, and Stay

Indian Business e-Visa has a validity of 1 year. This business e-Visa holder can enter multiple times during the validity period. Continuous stay during each visit is 180 days.

Business e-Visa Purposes

International business professionals can apply for an Indian business e-Visa for different business purposes.

  • For trade or sales or purchases.
  • To attend technical or business meetings.
  • To establish a business or industrial venture.
  • Organize business tours.
  • To give a talk as part of the Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN)
  • To assemble manpower.
  • To take part in exhibitions and business or trade shows.
  • Following a current project, an expert or specialist is needed.

Essential Requirements to Apply for an Indian e-Visa

There are some fundamental and additional requirements to obtain an Indian Business e-Visa. Understand them well before proceeding with the application. All the documents should be in digital form. Here is the list-

  • Valid Passport - Bio-Page of your passport
  • Recent Passport-size Photo- A recent photograph without blurriness and shadows.
  • Financial Proof- Bank statements, paychecks, etc. to prove that you have enough funds to travel and stay in India.
  • Business Card- Business card, that has all the details of your current organization.
  • Invitation Letter- Invitation letter from the Indian company you are visiting
  • Documents on Indian Organization- Documents that have all the details of the Indian company you are visiting.
  • Valid Email Address- Personal and active email ID.
  • Debit/Credit Card- Only for the final payment. Please do not share any private numbers, etc. with anyone or anywhere.

How To Apply for an Indian Business e-Visa?

STEPS What to do?
Step-1 Visit the Official Website
Step-2 Check for your eligibility
Step-3 Find the Application Form
Step-4 Select the e-Visa type
Step-5 Upload all the documents
Step-6 Fill out the details with utmost care
Step-7 Double-check the entire application and uploaded files
Step-8 Click the submit button

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does it take to get an approved Indian Business e-Visa?

Indian Business e-Visa application form takes at least 2-3 business days to process. You may also get an e-Visa in24 hours in emergencies. After all the reviews you will receive your Indian business e-Visa via email if approved. If it's not approved you may have to reapply.

Can I extend my Indian Business e-Visa?

No. Indian Business e-Visa is not extendable. Overstaying is punishable.

Are there any specific entry & exit points for Indian Business e-Visa holders?

There are numerous authorized entry & exit points for all Indian e-Visa holders. Please check the list since it undergoes periodic updation.

Why Did My Indian Business e-Visa Application Got Denied?

There are several reasons for the Indian e-Visa rejection. Even though the whole process is simple and convenient you should handle them with utmost care. Please understand the reasons for rejection before you start the application process.

How can I seek Help During The Application Process?

Indian e-Visa Help Desk will help you throughout the process. Just connect with them if you feel stuck during the completion of the Application Form

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