Tourist Guide to Visiting Shillong

Updated on Dec 21, 2023 | Indian e-Visa

Read about the top attractions of Shillong, the best time to visit, and how to get there. Plan a trip to Shillong if you enjoy rain, beautiful scenery, distinctive culture, and friendly locals. Shillong will fulfill all your travel needs. If not? View the list of the top attractions in Shillong for a fantastic day of sightseeing.

These stunning locations in Shillong enchant every visitor with their tranquility and beauty! They are abundant with verdant green peaks and pine trees. All of Shillong's tourist attractions, whether they are museums or hiking routes, gushing waterfalls, or clear lakes, will enthrall you.

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Elephant Falls - A Wonderful Natural Getaway 

Are you trying to discover Shillong's top natural wonders? Elephant Falls is the ideal location. The Elephant Falls, so named because of a rock that resembles an elephant, is one of Shillong's most picturesque locations for outdoor enthusiasts. The image of the foamy water descending in layers while being engulfed in thick vegetation is breathtaking.

You will not want to leave this beautiful waterfall because of its stillness and crystal-clear waters. If you are a romantic couple looking to spend some time together, Elephant Falls in Shillong is a must-see.

  • What To Do - Activities at Elephant Falls include photography and taking in the tranquility and clean environment.
  • Best Time To Visit - Monsoon season is the ideal time to explore Elephant Falls.
  • Animal Falls Time and Cost - From 10 am to 6 pm, INR 20 per person.
  • Getting to Elephant Falls - Elephant Falls is accessible by road from Shillong at a distance of 12 km. To travel to Elephant Falls, hire a cab or an auto-rickshaw.

Shillong Peak - Get A Panoramic View Of The Whole City

Do you want to see a panoramic view? Visit Shillong Peak, the city's highest peak. This peak, which is situated at a height of 1961 meters above sea level and is one of the greatest tourist destinations in Shillong, provides amazing views of the city.

Shillong Peak offers views of Bangladeshi lowlands, waterfalls, and Himalayan ranges. Trekking is a well-liked adventure sport to partake in here if you're a thrill seeker.

  • What To Do - Shillong Peak attractions include magnificent vistas, birdwatching, and photography
  • Best Time To Visit - Shillong Peak is best visited between September and May.
  • Alp Shillong Time and Cost - Monday through Wednesday, 9 am to 3:30 pm, INR 30 per person.
  • Getting to Shillong Peak - Shillong Peak is 10 kilometers from the main city, and it will take a cab or taxi about 40 minutes to get you there.

WARD'S Lake - A Crystal Clear Artificial Lake 

Make your way to Ward's Lake if you want to avoid the crowds. This man-made lake, also known as Pollock's Lake, is one of the top tourist destinations in Shillong. It is surrounded by a large, verdant garden that is a major draw for tourists. 

However, it is also a well-known picnic location for locals who come here to take a leisurely stroll around the horseshoe-shaped lake. Visitors can also cross a little bridge to take in the beauty of the lake and see tiny fish floating on it.

Spend a wonderful experience at Ward's Lake partaking in water sports.

  • What To Do - At Ward's Lake, visitors can picnic, feed the fish, paddle boat, and fish.
  • Best Time To Visit - Ward's Lake is best visited between June and July.
  • Lake Ward Timings and Cost - INR 10 per person from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.
  • How to get there - Take an auto rickshaw from the Shillong Bus Stand to Ward's Lake to get there. It is only 2 kilometers and 7 to 8 minutes away from the bus stop.

Sohpetbneng Peak - Get A Glimpse Of The Heavenly North

Sohpetbneng Peak, one of Shillong's most stunning summer tourist destinations, plays a significant role in the city's tourism industry. This summit, which rises to a height of 1343 meters, provides a birds-eye perspective of Shillong's coniferous cityscape. Sohpetbneng Peak is a beautiful hideaway that has both historical and spiritual value.

Every year on the first Sunday in February, the Seng Khasi people ascend to this summit for a tribal festival during which they perform rituals and ceremonies and break into song and dance. As a result, Sohpetbneng Peak is a noteworthy attraction in Shillong.

  • What To Do - Enjoy the serenity, take in the scenery, take pictures, and go hiking at Sohpetbneng Peak.
  • Best Time To Visit - March to June is the ideal season to visit Sohpetbneng Peak.
  • Peak Sohpetbneng Hours and Fees - Free and available all the time.
  • Getting to Sohpetbneng Peak - Take a taxi from Umiam Lake to Sohpetbneng Peak, which is around 8 kilometers away (20 min).

Don Bosco Museum - The Largest Museum Of Indigenous Tribes In Asia 

Want to learn more about Meghalaya's indigenous history and culture? Go to Shillong's Don Bosco Museum. Don Bosco Museum is one of the top Shillong tourist destinations for history enthusiasts because of its huge collection of tribal antiques and indigenous items.

This museum has 17 galleries spread over its seven levels, including the Agriculture Gallery, the Basketry Gallery, the Ornaments and Jewelry Gallery, the Fishing and Hunting Gallery, and others. These exhibit sculptures, paintings, and antiques that might help you learn more about the state's history and culture.

  • What To Do - Visit the on-site Sacred Heart Church and view the artworks and sculptures at the Don Bosco Museum.
  • Best Time To Visit - March to June is the ideal time to visit the Don Bosco Museum.
  • Don Bosco Memorial Hours and Fees - Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 5.30 pm (closed on Sundays), INR 50 per person.
  • Getting to the Don Bosco Museum - From Shillong Bus Stand, an auto-rickshaw will take you about 10 minutes to the Don Bosco Museum.

Umiam Lake - A Spectacular Manmade Reservoir 

Umiam Lake - A Spectacular Manmade Reservoir

One of the greatest sites to visit in Shillong in 3 days is the picturesque Umiam Lake, where you may admire its beauty. The lake, which was created as a result of the building of a dam, is surrounded by the verdant East Khasi Hills, which provide the most spectacular views of Shillong. Love the dawn? The ideal location to be is at Umiam Lake.

You can have a picnic in peace if you are traveling with loved ones or a romantic partner. Shillong's Umiam Lake is so beautiful that it attracts a lot of people who enjoy the outdoors and tempts adventurers to participate in water sports.

  • What To Do - Boating, water activities (yachting, water scootering, cruising), catfishing, hiking, and camping on Lumpongdeng Island are all things you may do at Umiam Lake.
  • Best Time To Visit - March to June is the ideal season to visit Umiam Lake.
  • Lake Umiam Dates and Costs - From INR 20 per person, boating is available from 9 am to 5 pm. The water sports complex is open daily from 8 am to 5 pm. Water sports have a range of prices.
  • Getting to Umiam Lake - From Shillong, which is 17 kilometers away, take a taxi or cab (40 to 45 min).

Phan Nonglait Park - A Beautiful Japanese-Style Park 

Phan Nonglait Park, is a popular attraction in Shillong and Cherrapunji next to Police Bazar, with unusual wildlife and flora. Formerly known as Lady Hydari Park, it was given that name in honor of the wife of the Governor of Assam.

The park features ponds and a zoo where you may see deer, leopards, porcupines, and Himalayan black bears. Many tourists are drawn in by the serene settings and immaculately kept lawns with rhododendrons and orchids.

  • What To Do - Activities at Phan Nonglait Park include seeing Himalayan Black Bears, visiting Butterfly Park, viewing photographs of endangered species at the museum, and handling little fish.
  • Best Time To Visit - March to June are the ideal months to visit Phan Nonglait Park.
  • Nonglait Park Phan Hours and Fees - Monday through Saturday, 9 am to 5.30 pm (closed on Sundays), INR 50 per person.
  • Phan Nonglait Park Location - The park is just 2 kilometers from Police Bazar and can be reached by cab or auto-rickshaw in 7 to 8 minutes.

 Khasi Heritage Village - Get A First-Hand Experience Of The Traditional Lifestyle Of Khasi Tribes 

The Khasi Heritage Village is the best location to experience the way of life of the Meghalayan people. This village's tour will show how the tribes live and how their beds, kitchens, and storehouses are constructed. You can also see the artifacts, tools, customary everyday and sporadic objects, and weapons used by the Khasis, which will be a terrific insight for you.

During the Monolith Festival, there is also a large suspension bridge with an amphitheater where films and planned stage performances are shown. Visit Khasi Heritage Village to witness Khasi musicians' talent if this interests you.

  • What To Do - Activities at Khasi Heritage Village include watching films at the amphitheater, enjoying the musical prowess of the Khasi people, and going to the Monolith Festival.
  • Best Time To Visit - March through June is the ideal season to explore Khasi Heritage Village.
  • Village of Khasi Heritage Timings and Cost - INR 20 per person from 8 am to 6 pm. For the camera, pay INR 20.
  • Khasi Heritage Village location - It is around 27 kilometers from Shillong town and can be reached there in 1 hour by cab. The Sacred Forest of Mawphlang is directly across from the settlement.

Laitlum Canyons - A Must-Visit For Trekking Enthusiasts

Laitlum Canyons - A Must-Visit For Trekking Enthusiasts

Laitlum Canyons, which translates to "End of Hills," is one of the less visited tourist attractions in Shillong. This should be at the top of your list of places to visit in Shillong if you enjoy trekking. View the breathtaking hills and valleys of Meghalaya while here.

If you dislike crowds, this spot is ideal for you because it is quiet and remote. Additionally, Lailtum Canyons is a photographer's paradise.

  • What To Do - Laitlum Canyons attractions include sunrise and sunset, a trip to Rasong Village, a hike to Smit Village, and trail exploration.
  • Best Time To Visit - March to June is the ideal season to visit Laitlum Canyons.
  • Canyons of Laitlum Timings and Costs - 6 am to 5 pm, fees apply.
  • How to get there - Hire a private cab from Shillong, which is roughly 21 kilometers away, to Laitlum Canyons to get there (around 1 hour).

Police Bazar - A Shopaholic's Heaven

Love to shop? One of Shillong's top destinations for shopping is Police Bazar. Along with finding clothing, trinkets, and handmade items from the area, there are a variety of eateries including Jiva Sizzlers and City Hut that are renowned for their mouthwatering appetizers. You must stop by even though it is the busiest location in Shillong; otherwise, your tour won't be complete.

You can purchase a wide variety of items at the Police Bazar, including food, winter apparel, cosmetic products, bags, and shoes. The most well-known stores for souvenir purchases include Glory's Plaza, Megha Emporium, Khasi Emporium, and State-owned Emporiums.

  • What To Do - Shopping, enjoying regional cuisine, and purchasing organic farm goods are all things you can do at Police Bazar.
  • Best Time To Visit - March to June and October to February are the best months to visit Police Bazar.
  • police barracks Hours and Fees - Free from 8 am to 10 pm.
  • Getting to Police Bazar - To get to the Police Bazar, take a taxi or cab. It is nicely organized and is connected to seven separate roads in the shape of a large circular known as Chowk locally.

Meghalaya State Museum - Head Over To Experience Cultural Diversity

For history lovers, the Meghalaya State Museum in Shillong should not be missed. The museum houses a sizable collection of tribal-era items as well as a sizable collection of ancient texts. Visitors can learn more about the tribes of Meghalaya at this cultural museum.

The museum, also known as Captain Williamson Sangma State Museum, is housed within the State Central Library complex at Lachumiere and is run by the state government. Visit this location to see authentic tools, jewelry, musical instruments, and replicas of dinosaurs.

  • What To Do - Visit the State Central Library, view the musical instruments, and observe indigenous items at the Meghalaya State Museum.
  • Best Time To Visit - March through June and October through February are the best months to visit Meghalaya State Museum.
  • State Museum of Meghalaya Timings and Fees - The price is INR 5 per person and the hours are 10 am to 4 pm (closed on Saturdays and Sundays).
  • How to get there - To get to the Meghalaya State Museum, which is around 2.7 kilometers from the Shillong Bus Stand, you can take a taxi (10 min).

Mary Help For Christian Cathedral - Awe-Inspiring Architecture 

One of the most important religious locations in Shillong is the Catholic Church. Mary Help for Christian Cathedral is a must-see tourist destination in Shillong if you enjoy ogling distinctive and magnificent architecture. The church draws visitors from other cities since it is an excellent example of Gothic Revival architecture.

The church, which was established in 1936, is perched on a hill and offers tranquil surroundings and spirituality. You will adore seeing the scenes from the Holy Scriptures depicted in the stained glass, majestic arches, and amazing artwork.

  • What To Do - Visit Mary Help for Christian Cathedral to admire the architecture, meditate, or take in the views from the top of the hill.
  • Best Time To Visit - March through June are the ideal months to visit Mary Help of Christians Cathedral.
  • Mary's Assistance to the Christian Cathedral Timings and Fees - Free from 7 am to 6:30 pm.
  • Mary Help of Christians Cathedral location - You can jog to Don Bosco Road. From the Police Bazar, which is around 3 km away through Hopkinson Road, you may also hail a cab.

David Scott Trail - Perfect Destination For Thrill-Seekers

Enjoy hiking? As one of the amazing spots to see in Shillong in December, head on the David Scott Trail. This 16 km trekking track invites all adventure seekers to have a special time in Shillong. Additionally, it is one of the most well-liked adventurous pursuits in or near Shillong town.

A segment of the horse-cart track known as the David Scott Trail was constructed by a British administrator by the same name. Now, a lot of adventure seekers come here to fulfill their wanderlust. You will pass beautiful waterfalls, streams with clean water, lush forest groves, and stunning valleys while hiking here.

  • What To Do - At David Scott Trail, you may go through forests, see waterfalls and valleys, and get in touch with nature.
  • Best Time To Visit - David Scott Trail is best visited between October and February.
  • Trail, David Scott Timings and Fees - Free from 6 am to 8 pm.
  • David Scott Trail location - About 25 kilometers from Shillong, in the town of Mawphlang, is where the walk begins. To get here, you can take a shared vehicle or a private cab from Bada Bazar. Near Cherrapunji, the trail comes to an end at Lad Mawphlang.

Sweet Falls - Listen To The Chirping Birds' Sounds

With your loved ones, leave the bustle of Shillong town and travel to the stunning Sweet Falls. It is one of the most captivating locations in Shillong for couples seeking a tranquil setting. Families can bond over a picnic and enjoy the outdoors as well.

Sweet Falls in Shillong, which lies at an elevation of 94 meters, is popular among locals who come to enjoy the lush foliage and chirping birds. Visit this fall in Shillong, which is about 5 km from Happy Valley. Don't forget to go to the nearby zoo and butterfly park.

  • What To Do - Enjoy the quiet, take a picnic, and visit the Butterfly Park and Zoo while you are at Sweet Falls.
  • Best Time To Visit - Sweet Falls' prime tourist season is from October through February.
  • Sugar Falls Timings and Costs - Parking for cars is 70 INR from sunrise to sunset.
  • Police Bazar Location - Take a taxi from Police Bazar, which is around 12 km from Sweet Falls, to get to the falls.

Air Force Museum - The Ideal Destination For Patriotic Souls

The Air Force Museum in Shillong offers information about India's military history. One of the top tourist attractions in Shillong, Meghalaya, for people with a sense of patriotism is this museum, which is housed within the Eastern Air Command complex.

The museum showcases a variety of model aircraft, scale replicas of missiles and rockets, pilot uniforms, equipment, and technological advancements from the Indian Air Force-Eastern Command. You will also be able to view images from the Indo-China War and the Indo-Pak War in addition to this. This is undoubtedly one of those locations in Shillong that will capture you.

  • What To Do - Activities at the Air Force Museum include viewing replica missiles and aircraft, learning about the history of the Indian Air Force-Eastern Command, and viewing rare photographs of conflicts involving India, China, and Pakistan.
  • Best Time To Visit - October through February are the best months to visit the Air Force Museum.
  • Air Force Memorial Time and Cost - Free from 9.30 am to 2 pm and 2.30 pm to 5 pm (closed on Wednesdays and Sundays).
  • Getting to the Air Force Museum - To go to the Air Force Museum, take NH 106 and hire a taxi from Police Bazar.

Final Words

Really intriguing, no? Shillong is a gem of a location, peppered with everything you can think of, including falls, museums, lakes, markets, places of worship, and more. Why then wait? 

Pack your luggage, gather your loved ones, and head to the Abode of Clouds to discover Shillong's top tourist attractions - Make your vacation to Shillong unique by booking it with Indian eVisa today!


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