A Heavenly Trip to Munnar, Kerala

When Kerala is referred to as God’s Own Country it is because of places such as Munnar, which is a small town in the Idukki district and is one of India’s most beautiful hill stations. A miniature of Kerala, and a microcosm of sorts, this gorgeous hill station is situated in the  Western Ghats at the height of 6000 ft. It is a serene little town with stunning mountains and hills, verdant forests, tea and coffee plantations, wildlife retreats, and greenery all around, with perfect weather all year. It has tons of pretty places to visit while you are staying in it and gorgeous country estates and retreats for a comfortable stay as well. If you are looking to spend a quiet and tranquil little vacation in India, you wouldn’t find a better place to spend it in than Munnar in Kerala. You’ll be all sorted if you visit the following amazing places in Munnar during your stay there.

Kundala Lake

Although it is 20 kilometers away from Munnar, during your stay there you must visit this artificial lake that gets its water from the Kundala Arch Dam. The lake itself is at an elevation of 1700 meters and is breathtaking to look at. Surrounded by rolling hills and mountains, its scenic beauty is comprised of the contrast the green valleys make for set against the blue skies and the glittering blue waters. The addition of the first rays of sunlight and a cover of white clouds in the morning makes for a majestic landscape. You can engage in such activities as boating and horseback riding here and also visit the gardens with cherry blossoms which bloom 2 times a year here and if you are lucky you might get to see the famous blue Neelakurunji flowers which bloom once every 12 years.

Echo Point

Around 15 kilometers away from Munnar, this is a beautiful and fascinating place that you absolutely must visit while on a trip to Munnar. Echo Point is situated on the banks of a calm and quaint lake and is surrounded by 3 mountain ranges that meet at this point - Mudrapuzha, Nallathanni, and Kundala. The mountains are covered with lush greenery and they look mystical when it gets all cloudy and misty. You can do all sorts of things here, ranging from taking a calming and therapeutic walk on the banks of the lake or the slopes of the hills, boating in the peaceful lake, watch the many birds native to Munnar, and even find the rare blue Neelakurunji flowers if you are lucky, but the main attraction of the place is the fascinating phenomenon of echoing that can be observed here which makes your voice reverberate back to you. It’s quite a captivating place and you must make it a point to visit it while on a trip to Munnar.

Kannan Devan Tea Museum

Munnar is home to a lot of tea plantations and Kerala in general has a long history of a tea culture that dates back to at least a century. Apart from the gorgeous tea plantations in and near Munnar you should definitely make it a point to visit the Tea Museum in Munnar to learn all about the process of the growing of tea leaves and also the history of the growth and flourishing of tea plantations and estates in Munnar and in Kerala and across the rest of South India. You will get to find out exactly how the tea industry functions. You would also get to watch a video documentary on the same subject matter that will enhance the experience of visiting the museum.

Blossom Park

Blossom Park in Munnar is a hugely popular tourist attraction. Spread across 18 acres it is full of beautiful and exotic flowers that Munnar is home to. The main attraction of the park is the flower show it puts on but you can also participate in other adventurous and thrilling activities here such as boating, bird watching, trekking, roller skating, etc. There is also a play area for children with swings and ropeways. It’s the perfect place to spend a nice, pleasant day out in Munnar at and perhaps have a lovely little picnic while you are vacationing in the hill station. Make sure to pay it a visit before you leave Munnar!

Eravikulam National Park

INDIAN VISA Eravikulam National Park

Kerala’s first national park, Eravikulam National Park is situated at a distance of about 15 kilometers from Munnar and is a popular tourist attraction there. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site because it is home to a lot of endangered wildlife and flora and fauna. It is inhabited by such endangered species of animals as the Nilgiri Tahrs which are a kind of wild goat or sheep, the Indian Muntijac, Golden Jackal, Tigers, Leopards, Nilgiri Langurs, and several other species. There are also a lot of species of birds, endemic butterflies, and amphibians. You can visit the Eravikulam National Park by taking a bus ride provided by the forest authorities but you can also visit the park if you are visiting Munnar in any months other than from February to March as during these months the park remains close to public because it is the mating season for the Nilgiri Tahrs.

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