Indian e Visa

Government of India has launched electronic travel authorisation or e-Visa for India which allows citizens of 171 countries as of 2024 to travel to India without requiring a physical stamping on the passport. This new type of authorisation is called an Indian e-Visa or Online Indian Visa.

It is this electronic India Visa Online that allows foreign visitors to visit India for 5 major purposes, tourism / recreation / short term courses, business, medical visit or conferences. There are further number of sub-categories under each visa type.

What is Indian eVisa (or Indian Visa Online)

All foreign travellers are required to hold an India eVisa (India Visa Online application process) or a regular/paper Visa prior to entry into the country as per Indian Government Immigration Authorities.

Note that travellers to India from these 171 countries, which are eligible to apply for an India Visa online are not required to visit Indian Embassy or Indian High Commission for the purpose of getting a Visa to India. If you belong to an eligible nationality, then you can apply for an India Visa Online. Once the visa to India is being issued in an electronic format, then you can either carry an electronic copy on your mobile device or printed copy of this eVisa India (electronic India Visa). Immigration Officer at the border will check that the eVisa India is valid in the system for the concerned passport and person.

Indian Visa online method of procurement or eVisa India is the preferred, secured and trusted method of entry to India. Paper or conventional India Visa is not considered as trusted method by the Government of India. As an additional, benefit to the travellers, they do not need to visit local Indian Embassy/Consulate or High Commission to secure India Visa as this visa can be procured online.

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Types of India eVisa

There are 5 high level types of India eVisa (India Visa online application process)

  • For tourism reasons, the e-Tourist Visa
  • For business reasons, the e-Business Visa
  • For medical reasons, the e-Medical Visa
  • For medical attendant reasons, the e-MedicalAttendant Visa
  • For conference reasons, the e-Conference Visa

Tourist visas can be availed for the purposes of Tourism, Sight Seeing, Visiting Friends, Visiting Relatives, short term Yoga programma, and even for 1 month of unpaid volunteer work. If you apply for an Indian Visa online, you are eligible to avail it for the described reasons .

Business Visa to India can be availed by applicants for sales/purchases or trade, to attend technical/business meetings, to set up industrial/business venture, to conduct tours, to deliver lecture(s), to recruit manpower, to participate in exhibitions or business/trade fairs, to act as an expert/specialist in connection with an on-going project. If you are coming for the described purposes, then you are eligible for an India Visa online application process.

Indian e-Visa key points

  • When you apply for an eVisa for India, you should be not within the territory of India. You should be physcially present outside the border of India. eVisa is issued to those who are outside India.
  • You can stay for upto 90 days on 1 year Tourist Visa for India. Nationals of USA, UK, Canada and Japan shall not exceed 180 days of continuous stay in India.
  • e-Visa India received from an Indian Visa online process can be used multiple times in a calendar year for example between January to December
  • Expiry date on the 30 Day Tourist India Visa for does not apply to the validity of stay in India, but to the last date of entry in India.
  • Candidates of the qualified nationalities must apply online least 4 days ahead of time of the date of entry.
  • Indian eVisa or electronic India Visa online is non-convertible, non-extendable and non-cancellable.
  • The electronic Indian Visa online or eVisa India isn't legitimate for Protected/Restricted or Cantonment territories.
  • The passport must be valid for 6 months from the date of landing in India.
  • Worldwide Travelers are not required to have proof of flight ticket or hotel bookings to submit Indian Visa Online.
  • Visitors are required to convey a duplicate of their endorsed eVisa India authorisation consistently during their stay in India.
  • All candidates must have an individual identification, irrespective of their age.
  • Guardians who apply for Indian Visa online application must exclude their child(ren) in their application. Indian Visa is required by each individual separately, there is no concept of group Visa to India or family Visa for India.
  • Applicant’s passport must have in any event 2 clear pages for the migration and immigration and border experts to stamp entry/exit to / from India. You are not specifically asked this question when you apply for an India Visa online but you need to be mindful of the fact that your passport must have 2 blank pages.
  • Candidates who hold International Travel Documents or Diplomatic Passports cannot apply for an eVisa India. India Visa online application process is only for the Ordinary passport holder. Refugee travel document holder are also not eligible to apply for and Indian Visa online. Users that belong to this category must apply for Indian Visa through a local embassy or Indian High Commission. Government of India does not allow such travel documents to be eligible for an electronic Visa as per its policy.

Indian Visa Application process

India Visa application process for an eVisa India is completely online. There is no requirement to visit Indian Embassy or Indian High Commission or any other office of Government of India. The entire process can be completed on this website.

Note that before an eVisa India or electronic Indian Visa online is issued, you may be asked further questions related to your family relationship, parents and spouse name and be asked to upload passport scan copy. If you are not able to upload these or answer any questions subsequently, then you can contact us for support and assistance. In case you are visiting for business purposes, you may be also asked to provide reference of Indian organisation or company that is being visited.

India Visa application process on average takes few minutes to complete, if you are stuck at any point kindly seek assistance of our support team and contact us on this website using the contact us form.

Requirements and Guidance to complete Indian Visa Application Form

The visa application form for India requires answers to personal questions, passport details and character details. Once the payment has been made, then depending on the type of visa applied for, a link is sent by the email requiring you to upload passport scan copy. Passport scan copy can also be taken from your mobile phone and not necessarily from the scanner. Face photograph is also required.

If you are visiting for business purposes, then a visiting card or business card is required for an Indian Business Visa. In case of an India Medical Visa you will be requested to provide a copy or photo of letter from this hospital or clinic where your treatment is planned.

You do not need to upload the documents immediately, but only after the evaluation of your application. You are requested to go through the detailed requirements of the application form. If you have any problems in uploading, then you are able to email our help desk.

It is requested that you read through the guidance provided for your face photograph requirement and passport scan copy requirement for the Visa. Complete guidance for the entire application is available at complete visa requirements.

Indian e-Visa Eligible Countries

Citizens of the countries listed below are eligible for the Online Visa India. Find out your eligibility for Indian e-Visa

Documents Required for eVisa India applicants

You are required to upload only your face photograph and passport bio page picture if you are visiting for the purposes of recreation/tourism/short term course. If you are visiting the business, technical meeting then you are also required to upload your email signature or business card in addition to the previous 2 documents. Medical applicants are required to provide a letter from the hospital.

You can take photo from your phone and upload the documents. The link to upload documents is provided to you by an email from our system sent on the registered email id once the payment has been successfully made. You can read more about the documents required here.

If you are not able to upload documents related to your eVisa India (electronic India Visa) for any reason, you can also email them to us.

Types of Visa

Indian Government does not require physical visit to Indian Embassy or Indian Consulate for Issue of India eVisa. This Website allows users to provide information required for issue of electronic Visa to India (India eVisa). On this Website, the user needs to select the purpose of their trip and duration in case of Tourist Visa. 3 durations of India Visa are possible for Tourism purpose as allowed by the Government of India using the website method, 30 Day, 1 Year and 5 Years.

Business travellers must note that they are issued a 1 Year eBusiness Visa to India (India eVisa) even if they need to enter for a couple of days for a business meeting. This allows the business users to not require another India eVisa for any subsequent visits for the next 12 months. Before the India Visa for Business travellers is issued, they will be asked for details of the company, organisation, institution they are visiting in India and their own organisation/company/institution in their home country. Electronic Business India Visa (India eVisa or eBusiness Visa India) cannot be used for recreation purposes. The Government of India separates the recreation / sightseeing aspect of travellers’ visit from the business nature of visit to India. Electronic India Visa issued for Business is different than the Tourist Visa issued online through the website method.

A traveller can hold India Visa for Tourism and India Visa for Business at the same time because they are for mutually exclusive purposes. However, only 1 India Visa for Business and 1 India Visa for Tourism is allowed at a time on 1 passport. Multiple Tourist Visa for India or multiple Business Visa for India are not allowed on a single passport.

In November 2014 , Indian Government started the India eVisa / Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) and wound up operational for residents of more than 164 qualified nations, including the individuals who are qualified for visa on landing. The rundown was additionally extended to 113 nations in August 2015 ETA is issued for the travel industry, visiting loved ones, brief medical restorative treatment and business visits. The plan was renamed to e-Tourist Visa (eTV) on 15 April 2015 . On 1 April 2017 the plan was renamed e-Visa with 3 subcategories: e-Tourist Visa, e-Business Visa and e-Medical Visa.

The website method of filing electronic India Visa (eVisa India) is considered to be more trustworthy, reliable, secure and expedited and considered safer for the users by Government of India.

However, the number of categories allowed by Government for India Visa on the website method/electronic method for India Visa are for limited purposes including the following.

Tourist Visa for India

Business Visa for India

NOTE: Business Visa allows attending several types of business fairs, industrial meet ups, business symposiums, seminars trade fairs and business conferences. Conference Visa is not required unless Government of India organized the event.

Medical Visa for India

Medical Attendant Visa for India

Government of India has thus provided an easy to use method to apply India Visa electronically (India eVisa) for the 3 main categories of travellers using the online website method, business travellers, tourists and medical travellers through simple online application form.

2024 Updates for Indian eVisa

India eVisa process has been simplified to enable quick approval. This email based eVisa is issued electronically to the applicants so that they do not have to waste their time visiting the Embassy or the need to put a Visa sticker on the passport. To get your Indian Visa application processed rapidly, keep the following points in mind:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I stay in India with an eVisa?

The duration of your stay depends on your nationality and visa type.

Can I use my eVisa for multiple entries?

Yes, you can use your eVisa for multiple entries within the validity period (usually January to December).

When should I apply for an eVisa?

Apply online at least four days before your intended arrival in India.

Can I change my eVisa after I apply?

No, the eVisa is non-convertible, non-extendable, and non-cancellable.

Where can I use my eVisa?

The eVisa is does not allow travel to military or restricted areas.

What are the passport requirements for an eVisa?

Do I need to show proof of travel arrangements?

No, proof of flight tickets or onward bookings is not required for an eVisa application. You may be asked to provide a name of hotel or reference name in India, this does not require any physical proofs to be provided.

What documents should I carry during my trip?

Can I apply for a group or family eVisa?

No, each individual, regardless of age, needs to apply separately. There is no group or family eVisa option.

Who is not eligible for an eVisa?

Holders of International Travel Documents, Diplomatic Passports, and Refugee Travel Documents cannot apply for an eVisa. They must apply through an embassy or consulate.

Is a Hotel stay compulsory for eVisa?

No, Hotel booking is not compulsory for Indian eVisa.

Contact Us if you need further help. Also, not the Document requirements for Indian eVisa before you apply.