Indian Visa Policy on Children and Tablighi

Updated on Dec 20, 2023 | Indian e-Visa

In the Urgent Indian Visa we noted who can come to India in the exigent and urgent circumstances in the wake of Covid in the Year 2020.

The children of Indian Citizens who are living overseas,  who were born outside India are not yet eligible as of June 2020 to visit India. Government of India launched a mission dubbed Vande Bharat, with a view to bring home and repatriate nationals who were stranded overseas. However, as the children of these Indian nationals are stranded overseas, they are neither eligible for an Indian Visa nor come on an OCI card.

All the Types of Indian Visa were suspended by the Government of India in March 2020 because of Coronavirus. This restriction is soon to be lifted on all Indian Visa Online (eVisa India). Majority of visitors come to India for tourism on Indian Visa for Tourism whilst a smaller percentage comes on Indian Visa for Business and Indian Visa for Medical purposes.

Tablighi Jamaat Visa Policy of India

This particular group caused spread of COVID in India, therefore, Ministry of Home Affairs will NOT allow visa for engaging in Tablighi activities in India.

Indian Ministry of Home Affairs Policy document on Indian Visa says,

“Foreign nationals granted any type of visa and OCI cardholders shall not be permitted to engage themselves in Tablighi work. There will be no restriction in visiting religious places and attending normal religious activities like attending religious discourses. However, preaching religious ideologies, making speeches in religious places, distribution of audio or visual display/ pamphlets pertaining to religious ideologies, spreading conversion etc. will not be allowed.”


Guidelines revisited for Indian Visa

  • All visitors require a passport including infants and children.
  • Applications should be made online at
  • Passports should be valid for half a year at the time of entry into India
  • There should be two blank pages on the passport

What happens if you fall Ill in India

Indian Visa Policy

In case you fall ill in India while visiting as a tourist on Indian Visa, then you do not require any special permission if your visit of stay is less than 180 days. You are requested to take permission from FRRO and submit a medical certificate from the relevant clinic/hospital and seek an extension while living in India. FRRO has the authority to convert Indian Visa Online (eVisa India) to Entry X -1 Visa based on the request. Indian Visa Application can be filed online.